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Proof of Age (POA) and VYSA Carding (Policies 2.5)

2.5.1 BCID registration cards must be issued for all players participating in the 4 Districts or BC Coastal Girls Soccer Leagues

2.5.2 Proof of Age (POA) is required to complete a player's registration with the District Association and British Columbia Soccer Association, and in order to obtain a BCID registration card.

2.5.3 Once registration is complete, a BCID number and registration card is issued. This number is valid for the player's entire soccer career with Vancouver United. 

2.5.4 All incoming U11 players and players who are new to the lower mainland wishing to play Divisional (U11-U18) must submit a proof of age (POA) document.

2.5.5 A POA document can be a photocopy of a birth certificate or passport. 

2.5.6 Physical (hard) copies of the POA (i.e. a photocopy) must be submitted through the player's team official in accordance with timelines established in the table below. Electronic copies will only be accepted for players who register after these dates. 

Age Division Deadline League
U11 Gold (Boys) June 8 4 Districts (4D)
U11 Silver & Bronze (Boys) August 8 4 Districts (4D)
U11 Division 1 (Girls) June 8 BC Coastal Girls Soccer League (BCCGSL)
U11 Division 2-4 (Girls) August 8 VYSA Inter-District Soccer League (VYSA)
U12-U18 At time of registration 4D, BCCGSL, VYSA

2.5.7 Team officials are responsible for the collection of POA documents from the relevant team members and submitting them to the Club Registrar.

2.5.8 Once reviewed and approved by the Club Registrar, the POAs are physically transferred to the District Registrar for approval. Only physical (hard) copies of POAs are given to the District Registrar.

2.5.9 Once approved by the District Registrar, a BCID number is issed and the POA documents are shredded.

2.5.10 Any POAs submitted to the Club Registrar electronically are double deleted once confirmation of the BCID number being issued is received. 

2.5.11 Only individuals who have undergone a Criminal Record Check and understand the sensitivity of these documents are permitted to handle POAs.