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Divisional Soccer is played in the U11 to U18 age groups.  All U11-U12 divisional teams play eight-a-side games on half fields.   All U13 to U18 divisional teams play eleven-a-side games on full fields.  U13-U18 boys teams are organized into playing levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.  U13 to U18 girls teams are organized into Divisions numbered from 1 to 8.  The U11-U12 age groups have some different levels of play depending on which league and which age group the team participates in.

4 District Boys
The 4 District Soccer League  is for Divisional Boys playing from U12 to U18 as well as select U11 Gold teams.    The districts in this league include Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond and the North Shore.   Teams from Vancouver United play other teams from those jurisdictions in regular league games as well as League cup games.    The balance of the Lower Mainland boys teams play in the 5 District Soccer League which represents Surrey, Delta, Fraser Valley, Tri-Cities, and Allouette (Pitt Meadows/Mission) Districts. The 4-D Guide is available at this Link.

BC Coastal Girls Soccer Leagues

The BC Coastal Girls Soccer League  is for Divisional Girls playing from U13 to U18 as well as U12 Div 1A and 1B west teams.    The BCCGSL includes all the girls's teams within the Lower Mainland in these age categories.  The BCCGSL offers three levels of play:  Div 1 (Gold) ; Div 2 (Silver): These two divisions are considered to involve a higher level of competition and players for these teams go through an evaluation process the spring previous conducted by their community club, in our case Vancouver United FC. Div 3 (Bronze recreational): These teams do not require evaluations and they are generally organized by BCCGSL by geography, East and West, so as to limit long travel days when possible.

The Girls' Districts include Vancouver, Richmond, North Shore (West Van includes the Sunshine Coast in some age groups), South District (Surrey/Delta), Burnaby, Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley cialisviagras.com.  Teams from Vancouver United can potentially play teams from any of the other districts.  The Operating Rules for the League is available here.

U11/U12 Vancouver In-House league
Vancouver United U12 Girls Silver A and B teams play in a Vancouver In-House league that is run by the VYSA (Vancouver Youth Soccer Association) which is the District the covers the City of Vancouver. Vancouver United U11 Boys Silver and Bronze teams play in the Vancouver In-House league where you play the other clubs from within Vancouver.   Vancouver United U11 Select Girls teams play in an Interlock league with teams from Vancouver as well as teams from West Vancouver.  Vancouver United U11 Silver A and B teams play in a Vancouver In-House league run by the VYSA. 

Schedules and Standings for the above leagues are listed below and we have provided links to schedules and standings for each team on a separate page which can be accesses on this website.  

Divisional Girls Schedules and Standings can be found on the BCCGSL website .  Individual team information can be found on this website at this link.

Divisional Boys Schedules and Standing can be found on the BC Soccer Central website .  Individual team information can be found on this website at this link.

U11/U12 Vancouver In-House league Schedules can be found on theVYSA website .  Individual team information can be found on this website at this link.   Standings are not kept for Vancouver In-House leagues.

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