A faster, hotter version of the world’s most popular sport. A soft sand surface allows players to try diving headers, bicycle kicks and spectacular tricks more freely. Sand soccer tends to be played more in the air than regular soccer, with quick flicks, juggling and volleying all becoming increasingly important in order to stay away from an unpredictable surface.

Beach Soccer Blast is played 5 on 5 (4 players + a keeper), two 14-minute halves, with substitutions on the fly. There are no offsides and kick-ins rather than throw-ins. Player don’t wear shoes, cleats or shinpads (but socks can be worn to protect feet). The field is 30 X 50 yards with smaller nets, and a regulation soccer ball is used.

The VanU Beach Blast Tournament will take place : August 11th - August 13th 2023 at Spanish Banks East Beach.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament please email our event coordinator at beachblast@vancouverunitedfc.com