Welcome to the 2018 Evaluations.

Copies of all emails sent out regarding Evaluations will be posted here so those who are unsure if they received them will have a place to check and read them.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

IMPORTANT - Changes to Phase 3 Evaluation dates and more

We have had to make substantial changes to the remaining Phase 3 dates for a variety of reasons beyond our control. Please make sure you familiarize yourselves with the new dates.

Two important points:

  • We will not be running a separate U13/U14 Goalkeeper Evaluation so all keepers will be evaluated within the regular Phase 3 sessions.
  • Players whose participation is subject to a review of Phase 1 and 2 scores will receive an email in the next day or two letting them know if they are invited to the sessions they have requested when they registered for Phase 3.

Click here to see the revised Phase 3 schedule.

Also, here is some important points for parents and players when you come to Phase 3 sessions:

Parents - Some things to keep in mind:

Players - Some things to keep in mind:

  • Please arrive at least 20 minutes early to sign in, get a numbered pinnie and start warming up. 
  • Please dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. 
  • We will be looking at you in different small-sided games. The position you play is not that important. We may ask you to play different positions so that we can see different aspects of your game.




Wednesday, February 28, 2018

U11/12 Goalkeeper Evaluation Session re-scheduled for this Friday

Thanks for your patience while we looked at options for re-scheduling our U11/12 Goalkeeper Evaluation Session. As we are running Phase 3 sessions every day though until March 9 there are not many options. Here is when the session will run. This is optional but recommended for players who would like to be considered for goalkeeper on U11 and U12 boys and girls Div. 1 and 2 teams:

Friday, March 2: 5pm to 6:15pm at UBC Warren

You do not need to RSVP. Please just attend if you are able to. We do still score keepers at Phase 3 sessions but not being able to make it does not mean you won’t be considered as a goalkeeper.

VUFC Evaluations Staff




Monday, February 5, 2018

Phase 3 EVALUATIONS is Now Open for Registration!

Dear U10-U13 VUFC Families,

First off, a reminder that there are two parent information meetings tonight for Evaluations. Click here to see if they are applicable to your child’s age.

The Phase 3 On-Field Evaluations are now open for registration. Please carefully read the information below.

Click here to see all Phase 3 Evaluation dates and times.

We strongly advice all those attending the Phase 3 Evaluation sessions to read the 2018 Evaluation Policies and review all the information provided on our website before registering for any session.

Before you select a level of play to be considered for on the Phase 3 registration form, you should discuss this with your son or daughter and their coach if you are still unsure which level they are best suited to next season. Once this is decided, please register here for the Phase 3 sessions if you are interested in playing in Div 1 or Div 2 (formerly known as Gold and Silver).

Please note that your selection is considered a request and will be weighed against Phase 1 and 2 scores to see if there’s a reasonable chance of success at that level. Players will be notified before the Phase 3 sessions they register for if we are able to extend an invite to them to attend.

NOTE – All players need to register at least one week before the start of their Phase 3 sessions. This enables us to communicate with all participants in a timely manner regarding invitations and any potential changes to the date, time or field of your sessions.

GOALKEEPERS – All current U10-U11 players interested in being evaluated for the U11-U12 Goalkeeper positions should come to the Goalkeeper Evaluation session that is scheduled. This applies to players that indicate on the Phase 3 registration form that they would like to play either full time or part time goalkeeper next season.

REGISTER HERE for Phase 3 Evaluations.

VUFC Evaluations Staff




Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2018 VUFC Evaluations - IMPORTANT Information

Hello all,

As we approach the end of the season, it is already time to start planning for next season. We have already started our evaluation process for next season’s teams but the vast majority of it will begin soon.

We have updated our Evaluations Overview page with the 2018 Evaluations Policies and a list of all the parent information meetings coming up (they start next Monday). Please read through the policies and see which meeting or meetings are relevant for your family. We encourage you to come to the meetings and get information directly. There will be a presentation at each meeting and plenty of time for questions and answers.

The Evaluations Overview page is here: 
The parent info meeting schedule is on that page as well.

We are close to finalizing our Phase 3 Evaluation schedule. It will be posted once its done and a second email will be sent with information on how to register.

We have also posted our 2018-19 Coach Application form for those interested in either continuing to coach or wanting to start coaching. It is available here: 

Thank you for being a part of Vancouver United FC. We look forward to working with you as we form teams for the 2018-19 season.