VanU Metro

VUFC, for the first time ever, has the opportunity to apply to enter teams in the Metro division for the 2019-20 season. Our District, VYSA, has changed the model by which they will affiliate teams in the Metro division from the Single Club Model to Multi-Club model. Under this approach, all clubs that have achieved BC Soccer Club Charter Standard One can apply to put Metro teams into BCCSL. 

As this is new, we thought we’d answer some questions that players and parents may be thinking about. For detailed program info for our proposed Metro teams, including registration fees, click here.


What is Metro soccer?

Metro is the highest level of recreational soccer offered within BCCSL. BCSPL is the level above Metro and is considered elite level soccer along with BC Soccer’s High-Performance Program and the Whitecaps Academy Program for U15 to U18 players. 

Who oversees Metro soccer?

Our District, Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA), oversees entry into the Metro division of BCCSL. They are in the process of publishing entry criteria and an application process. The VYSA Board has final say on which teams are allowed to affiliate at the Metro level. The final deadline for teams to be affiliated is June 1. VanU anticipates decisions will be made well before that date.

Will there be an information meeting for parents to learn more about VanU’s Metro programming?

Yes, we are going to have a meeting on February 27th at the Dunbar Lawn Bowling Clubhouse. The meeting will start at 6pm. You do not need to RSVP. 

Evaluation and selection date? 

VUFC is working with VFC and VAFC to coordinate Evaluation dates so that players can take advantage of the choices that are now available to them and attend multiple club evaluations if they want to. Roster announcements and confirmation details will also be coordinated with VFC and VAFC. VUFC Phase 3 dates are now posted here. We are choosing to run joint Metro/Div 1 sessions and will make final decisions on what levels to put our teams in at once we know who is making themselves available to be selected.  

How many players per team? 

We will be selecting 15-20 players per team depending on the age of the team and if there is a Div 1 team to draw players up using the (FRP) Fluid Roster Process as needed.

How much will it cost?

We have published program descriptions along with fees for U13, U14 and U15-18 Metro teams here. All Metro teams participate in the VanU+ program along with U11 and U12 Div 1 teams. Please note that fees from other age groups and divisions will not be used to subsidize Metro division programming.

Who will coach my son or daughter?

VanU will be using a blended model of volunteer coaches and substantial support from VanU staff coaches. All teams will receive eight individual VTS training sessions and eight home games with staff coaches in attendance to help. Twelve collective sessions run by staff coaches for teams training at the same time will also be offered.  All volunteer coaches will have the age appropriate certification and an up to date criminal record check.

VanU believes that players on recreational level teams should have consistency in their coaching. Wherever possible our goal is to keep the same coaches with teams year over year and facilitate parent coaches who want to volunteer in their community being involved.

When will Training and Games be held?

Training times and games are still to be determined but we hope to group Metro teams together at training with logical counterparts. We also plan to use Pt Grey Turf as a central training spot for at least one session per week for each team. Every team will get a half field to train on at least once per week.

U13 boys and girls Metro teams will train twice per week plus attend the VanU Academy on Mondays for the Fall and Winter sessions. They will also be entered in the Cascadia Spring League. U14 boys and girls Metro teams will attend VanU Academy for the Fall session. U15 to U18 teams will train twice per week and have the option of an Academy session in Fall and/or Winter. Cascadia is also optional for them.

What is the VanU playing time policy for Metro?

The playing time policy for Metro teams is the same as it is for all other VUFC divisional teams: minimum half a game every game unless there are multiple unexplained absences from training and/or games and/or discipline issues at training and/or games. 

How long is the season?

The Metro league season, like all other BCCSL divisions, starts in September and ends in March. Coastal A Cup play starts in April with the Coastal Cup finals generally played at the end of April or the first week of May. If teams qualify for the Provincial Cup it is usually the first week of July. Cascadia Spring League runs from April to June.