Registration FAQ's

Financial Assistance

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2.8.1 Vancouver United is committed to creating a playing environment that is accessible to everyone. The club believes that every child should have the right to play. 

2.8.2 Special cases: Any member seeking special consideration may contact the Club Registrar in confidence to discuss their options.

2.8.3 All registrations requiring financial assistance must be submitted using the manual (paper) registration form. 

2.8.4 Manual registrations are to be submitted to the Vancouver United mailing address: Vancouver United FC, 315-2083 Alma Street, Vancouver, BC, V6R 4N6.

2.8.5 Families seeking financial assistance are encouraged to register early to ensure their application can be duly processed and their child can be placed on a team in a timely manner. 

2.8.6 Financial assistance only covers regular season registration fees and will not cover Academy registration and costs, UBC parking or extra kits. 

2.8.7 Options for financial assistance: Registration fees can be paid in three (3) equal monthly payments in accordance with the timelines outlined below. This option can be paid online (3 credit card payments) or manually (3 cheques). 

Early Bird Registration - by May 31st First payment due at time of registration and no later than June 1
  •  U11-U18 June 15th, U9-U10 June 30th
  •  U11-U18 July 15th, U9--U10 July 31st
June 1st - August 15th First Payment due at time of registration
  • September 30th
  • October 31st Submit an application to a third party funder: KidSport: The KidSport application must be attached to the registration submitted to Vancouver United. Application to KidSport are processed within approximately 30-45 days. For more information, click here. Canadian Time Jumpstart: helps get kids in the game by covering the costs of equipment, registration and/or transportation. For more information, click here. Athletic 4 Kids: helps to reduce the financial barriers preventing British Columbia's kids from participating sports and recreational activities. For more information, click here.



Fall Season

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The Vancouver United Football Club has a long tradition of delivering soccer programming to youth in Vancouver west side through its founding clubs - the Dunbar Soccer Association, Kerrisdale Soccer Club and Point Grey Soccer Club. Vancouver United's vision is a community-based soccer development system built on best-of-class programs for players, coaches and referees. To achieve this, Vancouver United is committed not only to its player-centred club values of sportsmanship, team play and friendship, but also providing player development programs that align with the principles of the Canadian Soccer Association's Long Term Player Development (LTPD), physical literacy and above all, FUN. All players are registered based on the calendar year in which they were born. Please identify the appropriate age group for your child using the following table: 

Birth Year Age Group
2010 Under 5 (U5)
2009 Under 6 (U6)
2008 Under 7 (U7)
2007 Under 8 (U8) 
2006 Under 9 (U9) 
2005 Under 10 (U10) 
2004  Under 11 (U11) 
2003  Under 12 (U12) 
2002  Under 13 (U13) 
2001  Under 14 (U14) 
2000 Under 15 (U15)
1999 Under 16 (U16)
1998 Under 17 (U17)
1997 Under 18 (U18)