Field Status

Daily Field Status Updates from VPB

Please visit the VPB Field Status website for daily updates on turf fields. PLEASE NOTE: This page is updated between 12:00pm and 3:00pm every day.


Weather conditions may force the closure of fields. Please ensure you check the status of your field whenver the weather conditions might force a field closure. The Vancouver Parks Board and the VYSA (our local soccer district) monitor closed fields. Teams and Clubs ignoring closures are subject to fines, and/or possible loss of permit for use of field.

From Vancouver Park Board:

VPB recommends that Field User Groups assess their locations before playing. In the event of rain, grass fields which are water saturated, have standing water, or large muddy areas on the playing surface, should not be played on. Grass Fields that are frozen, have snow or heavy frost on them, should not be played until surface conditions have thawed and drained. If you have any questions please call 604-257-8489 or 604-257-8624 or after business hours, 311. Thank you
Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf fields should always be open unless there is snowfall. 
Grass Fields
All grass fields in Vancouver are subject to closure during inclement weather to avoid damage to the playing surface. Fields closed to play are also closed to practice. Vancouver Parks Board fields are typically listed as "Under Discretion". This means the coaches along with the referee determine whether the field is playable. 

You need to know:
  • All home teams U11 to U18 are responsible for phoning the opposing team each week and confirming the game details. 
  • On weekends with questionnable conditions, the field status for House teams (U9-U10) will be posted on our twitter home page and Facebook page by Friday and possibly updated again Saturday mornings for changes due to weather.
  • Any last minute field status change for Divisional (U11-U18) and VYSA U11/U12 games usually due to snowfall will be posted on our twitter home page and Facebook page
  • The home team is responsible for telling the visiting team if a match is cancelled.

Please remember to check the Vancouver Park Board website and/or call the VSB hotline every Friday afternoon/Saturday morning: 

Effects of Snow & Rain
Frozen fields are dangerous, and play kills the grass root system. Extremely wet fields (water oozes when you poke it) should also not be played on. Permits will be revoked if we do not use proper judgement. Most Divisional teams are playing on Parks Board fields. Most House games are played on School Board fields. U11 and U12 play on both. If you are unsure of which field you are on, please contact your coodinator. Grass Fields that are frozen, have snow or heavy frost on them, should not be played until surface conditions have thawed or drained. Artificial Turf Fields should not be played if there is snow present on the field. The field becomes slippery and therefore hazardous. Snow removal can damage the field and should never be attempted.

Lower Mainland Field Status Information:

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