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3.1 Uniform Policy
The Uniform Policy is provided to ensure that VanU FC teams are consistently representing our club at league, exhibition and tournament games.

3.1.1 Home League Games: The green (home) jerseys must be worn unless there is a conflict with the visiting team; then, the VUFC white jerseys must be worn; blue shorts and blue socks must be worn.

3.1.2 Away League Games: The white (away) jerseys must be worn unless there is a conflict with the home team and VanU FC agrees to wear the green (home) jerseys; blue shorts and blue socks must be worn.

3.1.3 Notwithstanding Rules 3.1.1 and 3.1.2, teams may, at their discretion, opt to purchase pre-selected (alternate) white shorts and socks through the club's uniform distributor. Any such purchases are independent of the club uniform distribution. The alternate shorts and socks may be worn with either the home or away jerseys only at such times that there is a conflict with the colour of the opposing team's shorts and socks.

3.1.4 Home or Away Exhibition and Tournament Games: Players are permitted to wear blue "alternate" jerseys that are purchased by teams independent of the club distribution, or use the green or white jerseys as per Rules 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Players are permitted to wear white alternate, shorts and socks.

3.1.5 Care of Jerseys: To maximize the longevity of use of our club uniforms, jerseys should be hung to dry rather than placed in the dryer.

3.1.6 Uniform Fees: Failure to return club uniforms or returning uniforms that are damaged and cannot be reused will result in a fee of $50 per jersey.

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