Kerrisdale Park details:

Not in Use

   Field Address: 5670 East Blvd, Vancouver, V6G 1Z4
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Lights: No
Parking: Free street parking readily available
Restrooms: Yes
Changerooms: No
Covered Bench: No
Nearest Coffee Shop: Starbucks on West 41st between Balsam and Vine

Kerrisdale Park Map:

Kerrisdale Park Gallery:

Field Information / Accessing Nets and Corner Flags

To activate the lights on the Kerrisdale fields, open the light box (open the bottom cover of the electrical box on the light pole on the Lower field near the entrance) and turn the switch full on for the Lower field, and also press the red button for the Upper field (the Lower field lights have to be on before the Upper field lights will go on). There is also a light box for the Upper Field behind the baseball diamond which is unlocked, press green button to turn on.

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