Skills Centre (Pilot) Sunday Academy Programming

This program is designed to engage players who would like to add to their current soccer programming. This academy program utilizes a Game Based learning curriculum and is open for all 2014(U7), 2013(U8) and 2012(U9) born players. The club is committing their senior staff and Technical Leads for the implementation of the curriculum which will ensure we are providing a fun, safe, inclusive and challenging environment. Training groups are fluid and players will be grouped with like minded players to maximize their experience within the program. 

As with all current program offerings, curriculum may need to be adjusted depending on PHO guidelines. In the event that SAFE Soccer sessions are required, all participants will be notified. 


Uhill Secondary - 3228 Ross Drive, Vancouver, BC V6S 0C6

*This is an Artificial Turf Field






Training Times:

Age GroupTimeRegistration Link
U7(2014) Boys 
09:00AM - 10:15AM

U7(2014) Girls 
09:00AM - 10:15AM

U8(2013) Boys 
09:00AM - 10:15AM

U8(2013) Girls
09:00AM - 10:15AM

U9(2012) Boys
10:15AM - 11:30AM

U10(2011) Boys
11:30AM - 12:45PM

U9(2012) Girls 
2:45PM - 2:00PM

U10(2011) Girls

12:45PM - 2:00PM