U15-U18 Evaluations

Evaluations for U15 to U18 teams is free but we ask that you register here so we know how many players will be coming and prepare for those numbers:


      Register here for the 2018 EVALUATIONS   


Sessions listed as TBA will be scheduled once the Div 1/Gold teams in those age group are finished with Coastal Cup play. All players who are registered will be emailed letting them know when those dates are set.

There will be no Evaluations for our U18 Girls teams as the three Div 2 teams we have are staying at Div 2 and the players are all returning.


 April 15        UBC Woods        9:00 AM        U15 Boys        Div 1          
 April 22  UBC Woods  2:45 PM  U15 Girls  Div 1 
 April 15   UBC Woods   12:00 PM   U16 Boys   Div 1 
 April 15   UBC Woods   1:30 PM   U17 Boys   Div 1 
 April 22         UBC Woods   9:00 AM        U15 Boys   Div 2 
 April 23  Jericho Turf       6:15 PM  U15 Girls          Div 2 
 April 22   UBC Woods   12:00 PM   U16 Boys   Div 2 
 April 22  UBC Woods  1:30 PM   U17 Boys  Div 2
 May 10  UBC South  8:00 PM  U16 Girls  Div 1
 May 14  UBC South  5:00 PM  U16 Girls  Div 2
 May 7  UBC South  8:00 PM  U17 Girls   Div 1
 May 14  UBC South  6:15 PM  U17 Girls  Div 2
 April 24  U Hill  8:30 PM  U18 Boys  Div 1
 April 26  U Hill  8:30 PM  U18 Boys  Div 2
 No evals      U18 Girls  Div 2


Learn more about 2018 Evaluations.