SECOND KICKS (U9 & U10) 2023-2024 Season - Registration Now Open!

Second Kicks (U9 & U10) is the subsequent program to our U4-U8 First Kicks program. In First Kicks, players were limited in their exposure to game-based soccer, and played along side several different 12 player teams. In Second Kicks, Boys  join an independent team of 14-16 players, while girls join a team of 12 - 14 who practice together once per week, and then finish off with a game on the weekend. On game days, teams are subdivided into two new groups to play 6 a side games versus the other team's two groups. Boys play their games on Saturdays, while Girls play their games on Sundays.

Second Kicks for Players Born 2015 (U9) and 2014 (U10)

Length of Season

First week of September 2023 until late February or early March 2023 (six months). There will be a winter break from mid-December through early January. 


One training session per week, ran by parent volunteer coaches at Warren Field. Teams do have access to staff coaching support. VanU holds our members' feedback in high regard, and consequently we have adjusted the practice schedule process to accommodate your needs. During the registration process, members will be able to request a specific team which has a specific training day assigned. We know you have a busy schedule, and VanU wants to make it easier for you to plan your schedule. Practice days will either be a Tuesday or Wednesday for the 2023 - 2024 season.

Game Days

Each weekend, teams are divided into two new groups to play their games simultaneously, side-by-side. Boys play on Saturdays and Girls play on Sundays. Games are only on the weekends. Schedules are available end of August for game days.

Kit / Jerseys

Players will receive two jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks. Make sure you select the appropriate sizes in your registration form. Players are responsible for bringing their own shin guards, water bottles, and cleats. 

Kit is supplied by Macron. To view Macron's size charts, click here.

Cost / Payment Plan


If you would like to set up a payment plan for the program, please contact our Operations Manager ( who will be able to assist you.