2020-21 Season

Second Kicks is the subsequent program to our U4-U8 First Kicks program. In First Kicks, players were limited in their exposure to game-based soccer, and played along side several different 12 player teams. In Second Kicks, players join an independent team of 16-18 players who practice together once per week, and then finish off with a game on the weekend. On game days, teams are subdivided into two new groups to play 6 a side games versus the other team's two groups. Boys play their games on Saturdays, while girls play their games on Sundays (except for U9 Girls). 


Length of Season

First week of September 2020 until March 2021 (six months). There will be a winter break from mid-December through early January. 


One training session per week, ran by parent volunteer coaches. Teams do have access to staff coaching support. To learn more about what days you could be practicing, please read below. Practice days will either be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

Game Days

Each weekend, teams are divided into two new groups to play their games simultaneously, side-by-side. Boys play on Saturdays, while girls play on Sundays. Games are only on the weekends.

Kit / Jerseys

Players will receive two jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks. Make sure you select the appropriate sizes in your registration form. Players are responsible for bringing their own shin guards, water bottles, and cleats. 

Kit is supplied by Macron. To view Macron's size charts, click here.

NEW! U9 Girls (VYSA Interlock Program)

The U9 Girls group will be a little different relative to the rest of the Second Kicks program as we are entering into a new program this year.

Our U9 Girls Second kicks will take part in the VYSA U9 girls league where they will have the opportunity to play other Clubs in the lower mainland (ICSF, KLM, Marpole, VAFC & Killarney). The girls will have home games based at Trimble Park and then move to UBC later in the season, they will then play alternate weekends away fields (usually Douglas Park,  Oak Park, Trout Lake, Champlain and Kensington). It's a great opportunity to play new opponents throughout the season and helps players prepare for the Divisional play at U11.

This program is run by Vancouver Youth Soccer Association who will provide the Club with their schedules. There are three schedules that are distributed, the first is in August for games taking place September - Thanksgiving, the second is sent at Thanksgiving for games taking place October - December and the final schedule is sent in the New year for the remainder of the season.

Girls will have one weekday practice (just like they did with First Kicks) but will play their games on Saturdays.

Cost / Payment Plan


Registrants have the option to choose a Payment Plan which is a $50 down payment (required) followed by two equal instalments of $172.50 each that will be automatically withdrawn on July 15 and August 15.  Registrants have to make sure they click on the box to choose the payment plan option when they scroll down on the payment summary page.

Click here to view an example of how to use the payment plan. 

Registering and Team Formation 

Players will register by clicking the "register" button at the top of our website and then create / sign in to their Stack Sports account. In Stack, you will register for Second Kicks. From the pool of players that have registered, our Technical Director, Technical Lead (Miro Panik), Age Group Coordinator (AGC), and head coaches (for U10) will work collaboratively to form teams. 

VanU attempts to accommodate friend requests and training day requests, but there are no guarantees that all requests will be met. Friend requests may not be considered for players registered after June 30th. 

Practices Times, Days, and Locations

VanU holds our members' feedback in high regard, and consequently we have adjusted the practice schedule process to accommodate your needs. During the registration process, members will be able to request specific days they want their team's practice to happen. We know you have a busy schedule, and VanU wants to make it easier for you to plan your schedule. When teams are formed, and coaches are assigned to teams, your coach will let you know the exact details of your team's practice schedule. 

Practice days will either be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Coordinator, loretta@vancouverunitedfc.com