FAQ's for families moving from U10 to U11

Up until U11, kids play on balanced teams and play other internal Vancouver United teams \. At and after U11, players move to a tiered approach, teams are based on ability, so players at a similar level of development, skill and commitment play together. 

On both of the boys’ and girls’ sides we have Division 1(A and B), Division 2 and Division 3.

How are players evaluated?

Our evaluations process can be found on our website (https://vancouverunitedfc.com/evaluations-overview)

Does my child need to be evaluated?

If your child would like to be in a Division 1 or Division 2 team, he/she will need to be assessed by the Technical Director and Technical Staff to ensure they are placed in the correct team and division for their skill set and development. If your child would like to be on a Division 3 team there is no requirement to attend an evaluation, you will just need to register for the upcoming season when the registration is open.

What if my child can’t attend the allocated evaluation?

Please contact our Technical Director (gus@vancouverunitedfc.com) and copy info@vancouverunitedfc.com who will discuss options for your child for the upcoming season.

What day of the week are divisional games played?

Starting at U11, girls play on Sundays and boys continue to play on Saturdays. The level of play (Division 1(A/B), Division 2 or Division 3) will determine which league your child's team will play in, and how much travel is involved.

When do Divisional teams practice?

Teams practice on turf and coaches will have some input on practice day and time. Practices will generally be on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (Occasionally teams can practice on Mondays if requested by the Coach). Practice allocations are generally confirmed in June after the teams are finalised and field permits are confirmed and volunteer coaches confirm their availability.

Do we have to commit before knowing our practice day?

If you are offered a position on a Division 1 or 2 team you will need to accept and register for your position offered. Our teams need to be submitted in June to the league.

What if my child doesn’t want to play in the position offered?

If your child is unhappy with the position offered please let us know, sometimes we may offer a child a position higher than they want to play, if you let us know we will place them in to a lower level. If a child believes they should be offered a higher position, they should accept their offer and complete the Challenge evaluation form, so that either feedback or a follow up evaluation can be completed (This may occur during September).

Can my child choose to be with a friend?

If your child is offered a Division 1 or Division 2 team, we are unable to accept friend requests. If your child would like to be in a Division 3 team they are able to request to be with a friend as part of the registration process.

Where are Divisional games played?

U11 and U12 teams play 8-aside games on half of a full-sized field. Our club's home field for this age group is at Jericho, Locarno and UHill. As players at this age have away games then your child may play games at Trillium , South Memorial or Empire Fields depending on the Club they are playing. Teams will typically alternate home and away games, although not always. There is an element of travel although the league does try and manage this but you can be expected at Division 1 and 2 to travel for away games further then the Division 3 teams who are part of the Vancouver Youth District League , rather than the BC Coastal Soccer League.

Do we attend both evaluation sessions that are published?

Yes all players are asked to attend both sessions if possible , if you are unable to attend one of the sessions you would need to let us know via info@vancouverunitedfc.com

What is the game format for U11?

At U10 your child will play a 6v6 format at VanU. At U11 players will move to a half field and play 8 v 8.

How many practices will my child have?

At Division 1 U11 your child will have a Spring component that usually takes place once a week from April for 8 - 10 weeks (boys usually practice on the Tuesday and Girls on the Thursday in Spring). In the fall and winter (Sep - end of Feb) you will have 3 practices a week :

Monday - Academy Sessions run by VanU staff

Tuesday (Boys) or Thursday (Girls) - Whitecaps Academy Sessions run by the Whitecaps Staff

One additional practice a week to be confirmed in June (Usually Thursday for the boys and Wednesday or Friday for the Girls)

At Division 2 and Division 3 you will have one practice a week, but you are welcome to sign up to our secondary programming (Monday Academy, Striker Academy, Goalkeeper Academy, Skill Centre)