VanU Programs 

We have age and level specific programming for players from three years old to seventeen. Some is team-based at scheduled training sessions and some is supplementary that players can opt into like our Academy or Camps.

VanU is pleased to continue offering Safe Soccer Programs for the 2020-21 season

All of our VanU Camp and Academy Programs this past summer operated under the guidelines of the Return to Play (RTP) protocol of BC Soccer, Viasport and the Provincial Government. As we move through the various phases until we get to a full return to normal soccer please be assured that everything we are doing is designed to ensure players are having fun in a safe environment while being challenged appropriately and maximizing their development.

For more information on our safe soccer guidelines, read our updated Van U return to play plan

We will be opening registration for several more programs as soon as we are able to confirm field permits from Vancouver Parks Board and UBC!

The following programs are currently open for registration

  • U4-5 First Kicks
  • U6-8 First Kicks Westside
  • U6-8 First Kicks at Hillcrest Park
  • U0-10 Second Kicks
  • U11-18 Divisional soccer
  • VanU Academy and VanU Goalkeeper Academy
  • VanU Striker Academy
  • VanU SAQ training (Speed, Agility and Quickness)

We have a established a contact tracing form for the club. It is important that any player experiencing COVID-19 symptoms fill out the form and refrain from attending any training or games until they have been tested. We will contact all players that have been in the same training group or team as players filling out the form. We will also notify the league that they play in and they will follow their policies for notification. The form can be found here.


First Kicks 2021-2022 Season

This program is designed with one goal in mind...FUN! Participants will take part in a variety of activities that will help with their physical literacy, introduce them to the technical aspect of the game and will see them take part in game play.

This program’s curriculum has been influenced by the Canadian Soccer Assosiation’s new Children's license. A nonlinear pedagogical approach will be adhered to and the main developmental goals for these age groups are physical literacy, having fun with friends and the ball, enjoying unstructured play, and most importantly we want them leaving the field each day with a strong sense of belonging.

“We need to encourage the development of play, where the child can explore, be creative, learn about risk and go through the process themselves.” - Nick Levett Head of UK Coaching

We are committed to delivering on this despite challenges related to the pandemic. While there are current restrictions on the types of activities we can offer we are optimistic that this will change and we will move towards being able to operate without physical distancing in the near future.


We are pleased to let everyone know that our U4/U5 First Kicks Fall registration is openfor all players born 2017 & 2018:

West Side Location Information

Sessions will run once a week on Saturdays, members choose between 9:00am, 10:00am and 11:00am and run for 55 minutes. The location is to be confirmed due to permit restrictions related to the PHO but will either take place at UBC, Chaldecott Park or Kerrisdale. This program is a parent participation program which is led on field by VanU Technical Staff.

Dates: September 11th to November 6th (No sessions on Thanksgiving weekend)

Cost: $125 (Includes Jersey, Shorts & Socks)

Hillcrest Mini Turf Location

Sessions will run once a week on Sundays at Noon and will run for 55 minutes. This program is a parent participation program which is led on field by VanU Technical Staff.

Dates: September 12th to November 7th (No sessions on Thanksgiving weekend)

Cost: $125 (Includes Jersey, Shorts & Socks)


We are pleased to let everyone know that our U6-U8 First Kicks registration is open for all players born 2014, 2015 and 2016:

Sessions will run once a week on Sundays at 1pm for players born 2016 and at 2pm for players born 2014 and 2015. This program is run by VanU Technical Staff and does not require any parent participation. 

Location: Hillcrest Mini Turf Field.

Dates: September 12th to November 7th (No sessions on Thanksgiving weekend)

Cost: $150 (Includes Jersey, Shorts & Socks)


We are pleased to let everyone know that our U6-U8 First Kicks registration is open for all players born 2014, 2015 & 2016:

A total of 36 sessions which will run twice a week. Players will have a week day evening session either at 5pm or 6pm located at UBC or Jericho and a Saturday session which will take place at Chaldecott Park. This program is led by VanU Staff with volunteer coaches running the sessions.

Dates: September 11th to February 26th (No sessions on Thanksgiving weekend, Family day weekend and the program closes for a winter break in December)

Cost: $295 (Includes Jersey, Shorts & Socks)

SECOND KICKS (FALL & WINTER): Players born 2012 and 2013

Note that U9 (2013 born) and U10 (2012 born) soccer is now called Second Kicks. You can get info on that program here

2021-2022 Season

Second Kicks is the subsequent program to our U4-U8 First Kicks program. In First Kicks, players were limited in their exposure to game-based soccer, and played along side several different 12 player teams. In Second Kicks, Boys join an independent team of 16-18 players, whilst girls join a team of 12 who practice together once per week, and then finish off with a game on the weekend. On game days, teams are subdivided into two new groups to play 6 a side games versus the other team's two groups. Boys play their games on Saturdays, while girls play their games on Sundays (except for U9 Girls). 


Length of Season

First week of September 2021 until March 2022 (six months). There will be a winter break from mid-December through early January. 


One training session per week, ran by parent volunteer coaches. Teams do have access to staff coaching support. To learn more about what days you could be practicing, please read below. Practice days will either be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

Game Days

Each weekend, teams are divided into two new groups to play their games simultaneously, side-by-side. Boys and girls play on Saturdays, Games are only on the weekends.

Kit / Jerseys

Players will receive two jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks. Make sure you select the appropriate sizes in your registration form. Players are responsible for bringing their own shin guards, water bottles, and cleats. 

Kit is supplied by Macron. To view Macron's size charts, click here.

NEW! U9 Girls (VYSA Interlock Program)

The U9 Girls group will be a little different relative to the rest of the Second Kicks program as we are entering into a new program this year.

Our U9 Girls Second kicks will take part in the VYSA U9 girls league where they will have the opportunity to play other Clubs in the lower mainland (ICSF, KLM, Marpole, VAFC & Killarney). The girls will have home games based at Trimble Park and then move to UBC later in the season, they will then play alternate weekends away fields (usually Douglas Park,  Oak Park, Trout Lake, Champlain and Kensington). It's a great opportunity to play new opponents throughout the season and helps players prepare for the Divisional play at U11.

This program is run by Vancouver Youth Soccer Association who will provide the Club with their schedules. There are three schedules that are distributed, the first is in August for games taking place September - Thanksgiving, the second is sent at Thanksgiving for games taking place October - December and the final schedule is sent in the New year for the remainder of the season.

Girls will have one weekday practice (just like they did with First Kicks) but will play their games on Saturdays.

Cost / Payment Plan


Registrants have the option to choose a Payment Plan which is a $50 down payment (required) followed by two equal instalments of $172.50 each that will be automatically withdrawn on July 15 and August 15.  Registrants have to make sure they click on the box to choose the payment plan option when they scroll down on the payment summary page.

Click here to view an example of how to use the payment plan. 

Registering and Team Formation 

Players will register by clicking the "register" button at the top of our website and then create / sign in to their Stack Sports account. In Stack, you will register for Second Kicks. From the pool of players that have registered, our Technical Director, Technical Lead (Miro Panik), Age Group Coordinator (AGC), and head coaches (for U10) will work collaboratively to form teams. 

VanU attempts to accommodate friend requests and training day requests, but there are no guarantees that all requests will be met. Friend requests may not be considered for players registered after June 30th. 

Practices Times, Days, and Locations

VanU holds our members' feedback in high regard, and consequently we have adjusted the practice schedule process to accommodate your needs. During the registration process, members will be able to request specific days they want their team's practice to happen. We know you have a busy schedule, and VanU wants to make it easier for you to plan your schedule. When teams are formed, and coaches are assigned to teams, your coach will let you know the exact details of your team's practice schedule. 

Practice days will either be a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Communications Coordinator,

U11-18 Soccer in BCCSL and VYSA

When players get to U11 they leave the in-house VanU league we run up to U10 and most enter BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL). Only the U11 and U12 Div 3 teams go into a different league run directly by our District, Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). This allows for a more regionalized league that reduces travel. Scheduling and discipline are handled by VYSA but there is still a link to allow for movement of teams between BCCSL Div 2 and VYSA Div 3 at these ages.

BCCSL was formed for the 2017-18 season. Previously there were four leagues covering boys and girls across the Lower Mainland in all the non-elite levels of play (Metro, Div 1, 2 and 3). Now all players in BCCSL play under the same set of rules and the same calendar.

VanU, having achieved the Canadian Soccer Association’s National Youth Club License, has now been approved by BC Soccer to participate in the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL). New BCSPL franchises enter teams at the youngest age group, known as the ‘U13 Intakes’. For the 2020 season this will be 2008 born boys and girls. Here is the program we have put together for this group**.

NEW!!! 2021 - 2022 Season Registration

For any players born 2008 and 2009 who would like to express their interest in joining the Vancouver United FC BCSPL program please complete the form below:

Click here to access the form

Evaluations (in accordance with BCSPL Evaluation and Selection FAQ timelines)

2020 Evaluation Schedule Scroll to U13 Boys and Girls to view relevant BCSPL dates.

If you already have a Stack account, just log in and select Evaluations Registration. If you do not yet have a Stack account you will need to se up your profile before you can register.

The BCSPL FAQ for Evaluations for 2008 born players is here.


  • Registration fee will be $2700. This will include professional coaches for all training sessions and games, uniforms, training kit (including a tracksuit and bag), all travel costs. There will be no additional fees for this program. Payment will be due in two instalments due as follows:
    • $1400 upon accepting a spot on the team
    • $1300 on or before June 30th


  • Gradual progression incorporating soccer-specific movement skills, injury prevention warm ups/activities, progressing through aerobic and anaerobic work to game-related activities at game speed
  • Fitness testing after first week (mid March) so body is acclimated to physical demands
  • Second round of fitness testing in late August/early Sept


  • Game uniforms: Sublimated adidas (template) and version of Academy top in blue, with adidas shorts and custom VanU socks (pic) plus tracksuit
  • Training kit: adidas shirt, shorts, socks, rain jacket

Training locations: half field for all sessions

  • UBC Warren on Mondays with Metro teams on the other half of field
  • Memorial South on Wednesdays
  • Pt Grey Secondary Turf on Thursdays

Quantity of games and training sessions

  • We are planning on at least 80 training sessions and 27 games for the Intake season. This will be between March 31 and mid-November with a 6-8 week break in the summer

Filming of games

  • Games will be professionally filmed and we will work with other clubs who want to share video
  • Metrics will flow from the BCSPL determined game model and covered in video analysis sessions with the teams and with individual players as needed

Promotion of players

  • VanU will use the promotion of its players to higher levels of play (National teams, Provincial High Performance Program, Whitecaps Academy) as a metric of the success of our BCSPL program
  • We will begin to build a network that will eventually help our graduating BCSPL players be known and recruited by coaches to university and college post-secondary teams.

Game locations

  • UBC Woods (has power at field level, washrooms, changing rooms, stands on both sides, storage for eqmt, defibrillator)

Game Day Operations

VanU Staff will handle:

  • Field set up, including banners, flags, PA system, table/chair/tents
  • Announcer for lineups, national anthem


Timeline for 2020 season

VanU BCSPL teams will be professionally coached. Each team will have a VanU staff coach assigned to them for all games and training sessions.

  • 2008 Boys (U13 Intake): Maurice Hayes
    • UEFA B (Irish FA)
    • VanU Staff coach for three years
    • Current Technical Lead for VanU Metro Program
  • 2008 Girls (U13 Intake): Miro Panik
    • Provincial B
    • VanU staff coach for six years with focus on U11 and U12 Girls Div 1 VanU Plus program
    • U9-12 Technical Lead for past two seasons

Both Maurice and Miro will take the new CSA Youth License in 2020.

**Minor details subject to change

Timeline for 2020 season

Feb 5-Mar 8

Evaluations for VanU BCSPL Intake teams as per league policy

March 8

Roster declaration as per deadlines set by BCSPL

March 14-30

School Spring Break

March - June

Training begins (three times per week) and informal Intake schedule

Late June - late Aug

No programming

August 24 - Sept 3

Pre-season training incorporating fitness testing, defensive and attacking shape based on principles of game model and recognition of relevant moments in the game; gradual increase in physical load

Sept 5-6

Intake Festival

Sept to early Nov

Mini season; training three times per week with sessions dedicated to mental skills, free play, socializing as a team (fun), video analysis, nutrition woven in plus a full slate of games. Team will train on a half field every session.


Player  meetings to plan for next season

Late Nov and December

No programming


New season starts


Van U will be offering soccer for the upcoming Spring season. Further information will be available early March, for those players who are not currently members of Vancouver United and would like further information on our Spring programming, please email us at

Info about Coastal and Provincial Cup Competitions

Please click on the links below for more information about the BC Coastal Cup and BCSA Provincial Cup.

Game Officials

VanU runs clinics for those who want to become game officials (referees and assistant referees) in early September. To referee small sided games (U9 and U10) you must be at least 12 years old to take the Small Sided Games course. You can also be an assistant ref (linesman or lineswoman) at this age once you've taken the same course. To be a game official for U11 to U18 games you must take the Entry Level Referee Clinic. You can see BC Soccer Referee Rules and Regulations here.
For general questions about becoming a referee at VanU please contact Emad Ghashghaee at

BC Soccer has approved our application for an Entry Level Course.  Please see below course details. Please let me know whom I should contact to get this information out to the (eligible) members.  I will send this out to the existing referee pool.

Entry Level Course

Webinar date: Tuesday, September14, 6:30-9:30 PM via Zoom

In-person (on field): Sunday, September19, 9am-12PM University Hill Turf

How to register - New referees

How to register- Current referees

Further Clinic Information

Participant Package

We are working on running a Small Sided Games course and will advise everyone when that has been approved by BC Soccer.