First Kicks U4-U8  2023-2024 Season 

This program is for players born in the years: 2016 (U8), 2017 (U7), 2018 (U6), 2019 (U5), 2020 (U4)

This program is designed with one goal in mind...FUN! Participants will take part in a variety of activities that will help with their physical literacy, introduce them to the technical aspect of the game and will see them take part in game play.

This program’s curriculum has been influenced by the Canadian Soccer Assosiation’s new Children's license. A nonlinear pedagogical approach will be adhered to and the main developmental goals for these age groups are physical literacy, having fun with friends and the ball, enjoying unstructured play, and most importantly we want them leaving the field each day with a strong sense of belonging.

“We need to encourage the development of play, where the child can explore, be creative, learn about risk and go through the process themselves.” - Nick Levett Head of UK Coaching

At VanU we offer First Kicks program in the Fall, Winter and Spring across multiple locations. To understand each program please click on the link in the table below for further information:

U4-U5 Hillcrest (once a week)
U4-U5 Hillcrest (once a week)

U4-U5 UBC MacInnes Field (once a week)U4-U5 UBC MacInnes Field (once a week)U4-U5 UBC MacInnes Field (once a week)
U4-U5 David Lam (once a week)U6-U8 Jericho/Chaldecott Park (twice a week)U6-U8 Jericho/UHILL Secondary Field (twice a week)
U4-U5 Sunset Henderson park (once a week)U6-U8 Hillcrest (once a week)U6-U8 MacInnes Field (once a week)
U4-U5 China Creek park (once a week)U6-U8 MacInnes Field (once a week)U6 - U8 Sunset Park (once a week)
U6-U8 Jericho/Chaldecott Park (twice a week)

U6-U8 Hillcrest (once a week)

U6-U8 UBC MacInnes Field (once a week)

U6-U8 Churchill Secondary Field (once a week)

Not sure what age group your child falls into? Click here for a breakdown of the age groups for First Kicks

SECOND KICKS (FALL & WINTER 2023-24): Players born 2014 and 2015

Note that U9 (2015 born) and U10 (2014 born) soccer is now called Second Kicks. You can get info on that program here