Evaluations for our 2024-2025 teams will be published soon and communications will be sent to all members. If you were not on a Vancouver United club team this past season or not in town for our Evaluations you are welcome to contact our Technical Director, Gus Karvelis, and he will let you know what your options are for being assessed and placed on a team. Alternatively you can complete our Evaluations interest form: NEW PLAYER INTEREST FORM

Evaluations 2024 VANU FC Evaluation Phase

Register Now for Evaluations

VanU FC is committed to ongoing in-season evaluations. Rather than base team formation strictly on end of season "tryouts", we strive, particularly for U11 to U14 teams, to evaluate players throughout the season in four phases.

Phase 1 consists of VanU FC staff coach feedback in the form of written reports and conversations with the Technical Director.

Phase 2 consists of team coaches filling out end of season Player Assessment Forms for their players.

Phase 3 consists of on-field, post-season sessions where the players are evaluated by independent evaluators (VanU FC staff coaches). All players who want to play at any level of Div 1 or Div 2 (these are the Division names for the leagues of our U11-U18 Boys and Girls play in) must register for Phase 3.

Phase 4 allows for the coaches who have been picked to run the team the next season to have a say in team selection based on their knowledge of the players and/or notes they have taken at Phase 3. This is the last part of the process and occurs at Team Formation Meetings once Phase 3 is completed.

Every year several players are unable to attend some or all of the Phase 3 sessions due to being out of town, illness or injury. If this applies to you, here's what to do:

  1. Register for the Phase 3 sessions anyways. Registering for Phase 3 is how players tell us they want to be considered for one of the teams we are evaluating for and it puts you on our communications lists for information related to the Evaluations, including changes to session dates, times and fields. It also ensures your name is on the list of players we take to Team Formation Meetings to form teams. Emails related to Evaluations are only sent to those who register as they are sent using the registration database. The only players who should not register for Phase 3 are those who have decided to play at Div 3 level (formerly Bronze). Division 3 players can register now through our database (https://vufc.powerupsports.com/)
  2. Email the Technical Director to let him know your situation. You only need to email if you are unable to attend Phase 3 but would like to be considered for Metro, Div 1 or 2 (boys and girls).
    Because we have four phases for evaluating players, missing Phase 3 is not the end of the world. While it is of course better to be available for this phase we are still able to use other information we have to place players on teams.

For players who would like to play Division 3 (recreational) soccer, there is no need to attend an evaluation. You are able to register within your age group for the season. Click here for more information.

Evaluation Info Meetings for Parents

Here are the dates for our parent, coach and AGC Evaluation Info Meetings for the 2024 Evaluations. Please see below:
Date:Meeting topic / age group
Registration Link

U10-U17 Age Group Coordinators, Managers & Coaches

Parents of 2014 born players (entering U11 from U10)

2012 born Division 1 & Pre-BCSPL information meeting

Parents of 2007 - 2013 born players (U12 - U18)

VENUE: All meetings will be held via a zoom meeting. To register for the event, please click on the relevant link next to the event.

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Evaluation Registration open

Do I need to register for VanU Evaluations?

If you would like to be considered for any U11 to U18 VanU team that plays in Metro, Division 1 or Division 2, you need to register for the Evaluations. By registering you are telling us you want to be considered so we compile data from Phase 1 (staff coach game reports on the players), Phase 2 (team coach reports on their team from the past season), Phase 3 (on field assessment sessions at the end of the season run by the Technical Director and staff coaches) and bring them to the Team Formation Meeting for each age and level (Phase 4).

Even if you don't attend any or all of your scheduled Phase 3 sessions, by registering you will be considered for the level you have requested on the registration form.

If you would like to play for a Division 3 team next season you don't need to register for Evaluations but the only way we have of knowing that you want to play Div 3 next season is to register for the upcoming season and select Division 3 for your age group. Your registration will go to the age group coordinator for your age group and he or she will place you on a Div 3 and try to accommodate any friend requests you have made.

To register for evaluations or a Division 3 team click on the below:

Registration Introduction

For the 2024-2025 season the table below confirms which group you should register for based on your age group:

Year of BirthAge Group

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Phase 3 Dates and Information 2024

  • Players are asked to attend both Phase 3 sessions for the level they are coming to if there is more than one scheduled.
  • Changes from the initial postings will be highlighted in red. Time permitting all registered players in sessions that have had a change will be emailed. This page is the final word in terms of Phase 3 scheduling info.

All Phase 3 On-Field sessions are subject to change. Check this page regularly for updates, including changes to session dates, times and/or locations. Any changes will be marked in red with the previous information left on but crossed out so the part that has been changed is clear. We will make every effort to email those affected but this page is to be considered the source for up to date information related to Phase 3 session dates, times and locations. It will be updated immediately if any changes are made.

  • Players need to be registered at least one week before their first Phase 3 session is scheduled.
  • Players who wish to be considered for Metro, Div 1 or Div 2 teams do so by registering for Phase 3. All players, even those who for whatever reason are not able to attend the actual sessions for their age and level, are considered for team selection at our Team Formation Meetings if they have registered for Phase 3. If you do not register for Phase 3 it is assumed you do not wish to be considered for these levels and that you are either not playing next season or that you wish to play Div 3 (depending on your age and gender).
  • Players are expected to arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the start time for their session to allow time to sign in and be given a numbered bib (pinnie). They should be dressed in proper soccer attire that is appropriate for the weather and have a water bottle with them.
  • While at Phase 3 sessions, parents are reminded to remain behind the perimeter fence at Warren, Woods and Jericho and to either remain behind the fence at U Hill or stay in the seated area at the north end. At Pt Grey Secondary, we ask that parents stay behind the fence or in the seating provided on the far side of the track. Staff will remind parents of this at the field as necessary.
  • Invites to Phase 3 sessions are based on Phase 1 and 2 scores. "Review Sessions" are for players who were not invited to the Phase 3 sessions for the level they requested on their Phase 3 registration form. Players have the right to appeal these decisions (by email to the Technical Director) and attend a Review Session run by staff coaches. Based on performance at the Review Sessions, players may be invited to the relevant Phase 3 session to be considered for teams at that level of play.
  • We ask that those wanting to be evaluated for U11 to U14 goalkeeper positions attend a separate goalkeeper evaluation session in addition to the Phase 3 sessions they are supposed to go to.
  • You only need to register once for Phase 3 evaluations regardless of how many sessions you attend. In other words if you attend Div 1 sessions but are not selected and asked to come to the Div 2 sessions, you do not need to register again.
  • Please read the 2023 Evaluation Policies document. Over 1000 players participate in Evaluations. We do not have the ability to reply to questions that are covered in the Evaluation Policies or on this page and others in our Evaluations section. 
  • Mass emails sent by the club related to Evaluations can sometimes be caught in ISP or personally set spam filters. Please make sure you are able to receive emails from Vancouver United FC via regular email. 

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Phase 3 Fields

Warren = UBC Warren Turf Field
Woods = UBC Ken Woods Turf Field
PTG = Point Grey Secondary School Turf
U Hill = University Hill Secondary School Turf
Jericho = Jericho Turf

Phase 3 Evaluation Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: Age groups are based on the 2024-2025 season; not this current season, if you would like to check your Child's age group please visit our evaluations registration page here.

VanU FC 2022-2023 Rosters

For the sake of privacy, we have refrained from posting player’s full names online. If there is any confusion, please contact our Technical Director, Gus Karvelis (gus@vancouverunitedfc.com).

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Interested in coaching?

If you would like to apply to coach more than one team, please complete a separate application for each one.  We have soft deadlines for applications but please try to submit at least 14 days before the Phase 3 sessions for the team you're looking to coach. If you would like to be an assistant coach only please do not fill out this form, instead indicate this when registering your child for the season. Club picked coaches or co-coaches will be given the opportunity to pick their own assistants. Please note that to be a Coach or an Assistant Coach you are required to complete a Criminal Record Check for working in the Vulnerable Sector (working with Children).

We ask that all volunteer coaches familiarise themselves with the VanU Coach Selection Policy

23/24 Season Coaching Application Form

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Info for our U15 to U18 Evaluations (players born 2007- 2010)

U15 to U18 Div 1 and 2 Evaluations are handled differently than our U11 to U14 Evaluations. The focus is more on reducing attrition and keeping teams viable. For U15 to U18 Metro teams the format is more in line with our U11 to U14 process. Starting in 2020, there will be a registration fee for all U15 to U18 Evaluations.

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