UBC Ken Woods details:

Field Status: Open

   Field Address: 2700 E Mall, Vancouver, V6T 1Z4
   Field Address Link

Lights: Yes
Parking: Pay parking in effect on campus
Restrooms: Yes
Changerooms: No
Covered Bench: Yes
Nearest Coffee Shop: Starbucks on East Mall at Agronomy

UBC Ken Woods Map:

UBC Ken Woods Gallery:

Field Information / Accessing Nets and Corner Flags

There are two lockboxes at Ken Woods. Both are located on the south side of the field, along the fence closest to East Mall. Attached to this box is a combination lock, which is storing the key to the lockbox. 

The first lockbox at Ken Woods holds the goals for U9/10. The second lockbox at Woods holds multiple sets of corner flags, cones, extra goals and weights.

Home teams playing at Ken Woods are responsible for setting up corner flags and returning them to the lock box at the end of the match. UBC maintains the full-size nets. There is no need to set up or remove these nets – they are permanent.

You may leave out the corner flags for the team after you, as long as the next home team is also a Vancouver United FC team. You must double check that they know to return the corner flags to the lockbox at the end of their match.

At the end of each game, double check that the key has been returned to the combination lock and everything is secure.

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