New here? Welcome!

Everybody has their first experience with a youth soccer club and we want yours to be positive. We have compiled the most important information for parents who are looking at putting a child into VanU programming and posted it here. Click here to download a PDF of our Visual Program Timeline so see what options players have at every age from 2002 to 2016 born.

What to do first?

First Step...

The first step for new-to-VanU parents is to identify which age group your child is in. Age groups are determined by which year your child was born, as seen in the chart. The ‘U’ stands for ‘under’, therefore a U13 is a player younger than 13. Every June, players are officially moved ‘up’ a year in age group as they are one year older for the following season.


Once you know your age group, you can identify and learn more about programming available for your age. Different programs have varying program details, though the main part of VanU’s programming runs from September through March.

Please click here to start the registration process.

Registration and PowerUp

Once you have identified a program, you can begin the registration process. You will be prompted to create a PowerUp member account. PowerUp is the service we use to register players for all VanU programs.

The contact info you input into your account is how VanU contacts you. You will receive a confirmation email from PowerUp notifying you that your registration worked. From there, you will need to reference our website for program details and information. You will NOT receive an email about program details, as all the information is on the website - check often.

In PowerUp, you will select a program and register. Payment is done through PowerUp, and you will receive a confirmation email. Then attend the date, time and location of your program!

VanU Programs

First Kicks (U4 - U10)

From U4-U10 we have a grassroots soccer program called First Kicks. The program is heavily supported by staff coaches and places an emphasis on physical literacy and fun! All programming is controlled by VanU and hosted on our home fields on the west-side of Vancouver.

First Kicks has three different seasons, that run for approximately three months each: Fall, Winter, and Spring. First Kicks is also divided into three sections based on age group:

Different stages of First Kicks offers different program details, so please visit the First Kicks web page to learn more!

Divisional (U11 - U18)

Once players enter U11 they officially leave First Kicks and enter Divisional, where they start to play clubs from across the Lower Mainland. Divisional places an increased focus on competition and excellence.

To ensure league-wide parity, all clubs host evaluations to tier their players into different divisions based on skill level. Every spring, players go through the evaluation process and re-tier until they graduate at U18. Players who are new to soccer or missed the evaluations can register for Division 3.

Please visit the Divisional web page to learn more!

Academy (U9 - U13)

To help bridge the gap between First Kicks and Divisional, VanU offers a supplemental skill development program called Academy. Once per week, U9-U13 players are able to improve their technical skills with staff coaches. Academy runs on Monday nights and has three different seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

VanU also offers a special version of academy for goalkeepers! Train once per week with fellow goalkeepers and ex goalkeeper staff coaches. Goalkeeper Academy runs on Wednesday nights and has three seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Please visit the Academy web pages to learn more!

During spring and summer break, VanU offers week-long camps for players to attend.