Coach Resources: Practice & Session Plans for VanU Coaches

VanU supports CSA and BC Soccer efforts to implement Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles. Here are some great resources for coaches:

Goalkeeping Resources

Simon Smith Goalkeeping clinic videos BCSA hosted two sessions with English FA national team goalkeeper coach Simon Smith in 2013. They were excellent. Until you work with an accomplished goalkeeper coach you are really unaware of the detail that goes into proper form when shot stopping, setting yourself to make a save and handling crosses. BCSA and Simon were kind enough to allow us to post the short videos former Technical Director Gregor Young took while there. While you won't get all the coaching points that Simon was making while the players were working you will get some very practical goalkeeper drills and be able to see good form from the young keepers. You can get all the video clips here.

FIFA 11+

The club believes strongly that the FIFA 11+ warm-up is an excellent way to prevent player injuries and should be used by all U11 to U18 teams at the beginning of all training sessions and games. Here are some links to FIFA 11+ resources

FIFA 11+ Cards(5.9mb)
FIFA 11+ Manual(4.4mb)
FIFA 11+ Poster Generic(3.1mb)

League Resources:

U11 / U12 Retreat Line(145kb)

VUFC House League Coach Manual for U9-10 coaches:

VANUFC House League (U9-U10) Coaches Manual(427kb)

LTPD Goalkeeper Training manuals

On the heels of the creation of the Stage 3 Club Development Manual, the Soccer Development Department of BC Soccer is happy to release positional specific Goalkeeping Club Development Manuals for Stages 1-3 and 4-7 of the Canadian Soccer Associations Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development.

These Goalkeeping Club Development Manuals has been created to provide member clubs within British Columbia a roadmap to responsible and beneficial age appropriate and positional specific development programming for all stages of LTPD.

BC Soccer Club Goalkeeper Long Term Player Development Stages 1-3(1.9mb)
BC Soccer Club Goalkeeper Long Term Player Development Stages 4-7(2.6mb)

The following are key components and guidelines to the implementation of these responsible and effective development practices within these stages of development.

  1. Technical Leadership
  2. Program Creation and Execution
  3. Role of the Goalkeeper Coach
  4. Goalkeeper Curriculum

These manuals can be forwarded to both your Goalkeeper development staff and team coaches within your clubs to assist with the development of your clubs goalkeeping program and goalkeepers overall.