VanU Office and Technical Staff

VUFC staff are available to help you with on field and off field questions. You’re welcome to email or call us at 604-674-4109.

Administrative Staff

Gregor Young

Executive Director

Loretta Abdi

Operations Manager

Grace Olaes

Programs Communication

Josh Heuving

Referee Mentor

Joshua Smither

Referee Scheduler

Michelle Warner

Administrator - Registrar

Technical Staff

Gus Karvelis

Technical Director

Maurice Hayes


Eoin Smyth

U8-U10 Second Kicks Technical Lead

Sarah Johns

BCSPL & Divisional Goalkeeper Technical Lead

Jimmi Karvelis

U4 & U5 First Kicks Coordinator

Michael Abdi

VanU Plus & Pre-BCSPL Technical Lead U11-U13

Joe Sawer

Technical Staff

Miroslav Ivkovic

Technical Staff

Lucian Serban

Technical Staff

Axel Lennselius

Technical Staff

Dakota Beckett

Technical Staff

Gareth O'Sullivan

Technical Staff

Tyler Henderson

Technical Staff

Nick Perugini

Technical Programs Manager & First Kicks Admin Lead U6 & U7