Our Spring 2024 Skills Centre Program is set to be the most exciting yet! We have been able to add key components to this already well structured program. Please have a read below if this program interests you. 

Training Environment 

The training curriculum, overall environment and program expectations for the players and all other pertinent programming details will be managed by our Technical Programs Manager and the age group Technical Leads under the guidance of the Technical Director of the club. 

The session plans vary from utilizing a “whole - part - whole” or “Game - Activity - Game” format as well as a more traditional format that involves repetition of various technical skills which lead to smaller game formats and ending with a bigger game. The topics revolve around getting out members ready for the competition that awaits them at the various tournament offerings.

Skills Center Local Tournament Opportunities

In addition to the training programming, which will take place on weekends (please see day and times below) from April to June, we will also be offering a tournament outlet where players can take part in various local tournaments: Labor Day weekend, and a mid June tournament (extra tournament fees apply). All players will be considered for these two local tournaments.

Skills Center Invite Only Tournament Opportunities

As with the above mentioned local tournaments, we will be taking invited only groups down to Vancouver Washington over the Canada Day long weekend to take part in the Clash at the Border tournament. This opportunity will require a deposit at the start of the program to ensure we can secure hotel bookings and make the appropriate staffing and travel arrangements.

Cascadia League Participation

We will be entering Skills Centre teams into the lower mainlands Cascadia Spring League. Players participating in this will need to be ready to play home or away games that can take teams as far as Abbotsford to play. Teams and rosters will change from week to week depending on interest, and all members interested in this outlet will need to pay a $25 Cascadia registration fee to be considered. All subsequent games will be billable on a game by game basis depending on whether or not you are selected to the roster for that weekend ($25/home game & $10 for away games).

Sideline Behaviour Expectations from Families

Although this program offers a unique competition portion, we view any games or tournaments that we take part in as learning experiences for our players. We are not playing in the World Cup finals, and the attitudes and behavior of our members on the sidelines is expected to be one of grace, encouragement and positivity regardless of score lines or game climate. Sideline coaching is not welcome and our hope is that you understand and support us as we strive to create a safe learning environment for our players. 

Tactical Approach

Given our history with this program and having taken many groups to these tournaments, the tactical decisions all fall back on the clubs Game Model and overall outlook on player development. For more information regarding this, please ensure you take part in the information meeting that will be hosted by the staff at the onset of the program. 

Lines of Communication & Time Sensitive Replies

Due to the nature of the tournaments & Cascadia Game options, when joining this program you are assuming the responsibility to respond to invitations, emails and follow time sensitive deadlines. If this is something you are not wanting to undertake, please register for one of our other academy programs that are being offered in the spring. 

Any questions regarding this program should go directly to Nick Perugini the clubs Technical Programs Manager:

We ask that families have minimal contact with the on field staff as their priority is with the players on the field. Although they may be able to converse at times, they may also inform you that they will not engage in conversation at that time. Please respect that and direct any concerns or questions about your child, the program to our Technical Programs Manager. 

Player Model Criteria

Players who will receive an “invitation” are what we consider “Player Model” within their respective age group and have excelled in one or more of the following categories: Athletic Ability, Technical Proficiency, Tactical Awareness, Sportsmanship and Socio-Emotional Maturity. These players do not receive any preferential treatment, and “open registrant” members receive the same tournament options, game outlets and staffing quality that Player Models receive. 

Beach Blast

The final session of our 8 week program will take the shape of a Beach Soccer event that the club hosts on Jericho Beach. All programming for that weekend shifts from UBC Mini to the sandy beaches of our awesome city! All members of the program are included in this event and we hope they enjoy the experience as much as we will!

Open Registration

Players not receiving an invitation are encouraged to register for one of the “open” spots if this program is something that interests them. Open registrants cannot “request” to train within a Player Model group due to scheduling preference or friendship requests but may be asked to join a Player Model group based on merit and staff assessments. General registration will open February 9th, 2024 at 10am. 

There are only a set number of spots available within each age group, so spots are very limited. 

Program Dates:

Week 1: April 6&7

Week 2: April 12&14

Week 3: April 20&21

Week 4: April 27&28

Week 5: May 4&5

Week 6: May 11&12

Local TOURNAMENT WEEKEND: May 18,19,20

Week 7: May 25&26

Week 8: June 1&2

Week 9: June 8&9 @ Jericho Beach for the BEACH BLAST

Local TOURNAMENT WEEKEND: June 15 & 16

Invite Only Tournament Weekend: June 28,29,30 


Program: $305 (*Payment plan option* / this includes a VanU Jersey)

Local Tournaments: $90 (opt in)

Cascadia League Games: $25 reg fee / $25 (home games) $10 (away games)

Invite Only Tournaments: $250 deposit upon accepting the invitation

Anticipated Start Times (subject to change) & Training Groups


2016 & 2015 Girls (Invited & Open) 9:00am to 10:15am

2014 & 2013 Girls (Open) 10:15am to 11:30am

2014 & 2013 Girls (Invited): 11:30am to 12:45pm

2011 & 2012 Girls (Open) : 12:45pm - 2pm

*all times are subject to change & those changes will be communicated in the event they occur


2016 & 2015 Boys (Open) 9:00am to 10:15am

2016 & 2015 Boys (Invited) 10:15AM to 11:30AM

2014 Boys (Open) 11:30AM to 12:45PM

2014 Boys (Invited)12:45PM to 2:00PM

2013 & 2012 Boys (Invited) 2:00pm to 3:15pm

2013 & 2012 Boys (Open) 3:15pm to 4:30pm

*all times are subject to change & those changes will be communicated in the event they occur

For players receiving an invitation:

*For players receiving an invitation, there will be an expectation that we receive acceptance within 24hrs and registration fees paid within 48hrs (for payment plan inquiries please contact Loretta Abdi the club Director of Operations)

**These Invitations will be sent directly from the Technical Programs Manager at various periods between January 31st & February 12th 2024) 


***Players invited into the Training Program are NOT guaranteed participation in the Clash at the Border tournament, but will be considered.