VanU FC achieves the BC Soccer Club Charter Program Standard 1

BC Soccer’s Club Charter Program is designed to assist and support members and their affiliated soccer clubs with the objective of providing players, parents, referees, and coaches assurance that a charter club is operating and meeting good practices and standards.

BCSA Club Charter ProgramOn behalf of the BC Soccer Board of Directors I am pleased to congratulate Vancouver United Football Club with achieving Standard One of the BC Soccer Club Charter Program. Vancouver United Football Club has shown its dedication and commitment in achieving this standard and BC Soccer looks forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

As a BC Soccer Club Charter Standard 1 Club, Vancouver United Football Club now has access to the Certificate of Recognition for achieving Standard One, the BC Soccer Club Charter Logo, as well as the BC Soccer Club Charter Logo Guidelines. Access to these can be found within your Club Charter Application. We encourage you to access these resources, all of which are designed to assist and help promote your club as a BC Soccer Club Charter Club.

Full Member & Affilfiated Soccer Club Criteria

Important note to Clubs: The process to meet the criteria and also the support materials and templates which BC Soccer has developed to support clubs who have opted into the program will be made available via the online management system.


  • The Club demonstrates that it makes available and communicates Canada Soccer & BC Soccer Resources to all Club Members.
  • The Club supports and displays on the Club website the following BC Soccer images;
    • Player Pathway image
    • Coach Pathway image
    • Referee Pathway image
    • Club Pathway image
  • The Club’s programming adheres to Canada Soccer's Long Term Player Development stages that the Club offers.
  • The Club uses Coach Code of Conduct forms aligned with BC Soccer.
  • The Club demonstrates it has a designated Technical Lead, who is a trained Coach. 
  • The Club’s Player Development Program adheres to the LTPD Priorities for their respective stages they deliver programming for.
  • The Club demonstrates it provides bi-annual reports on the coach certification for coaches within the Club.
  • The Club demonstrates it only schedules BC Soccer Registered Referees for all club activity.


  • The Club is a BC Registered Society.
  • The Club has published Constitution & Bylaws and Rules & Regulations that adhere to its Youth District/Adult League and BC Soccer.
  • The club is an Active Member, in good standing and works collaboratively within its District Association and/or Adult League and/or Inter-district leagues, including compliance with BC Soccer regulations regarding legal.
  • The Club can provide to their direct governing body upon request or in line with submission deadlines, the following:
    • Annual General Meeting minutes for the previous year
    • A Financial Report for the previous year,
    • Evidence that all Board Members have signed a Conflict of Interest Statement
    • Evidence that all Board Members have signed an Oath of Confidentiality
  • The Club has policies that align with BC Soccer and are accessible by their members regarding the below:
    • Criminal Record Checks
    • Player Safety
    • Conduct, Ethics and Discipline