U11-18 Soccer in BCCSL and VYSA

When players get to U11 they leave the in-house VanU league we run up to U10 and most enter BC Coastal Soccer League (BCCSL). Only the U11 and U12 Div 3 teams go into a different league run directly by our District, Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). This allows for a more regionalized league that reduces travel. Scheduling and discipline are handled by VYSA but there is still a link to allow for movement of teams between BCCSL Div 2 and VYSA Div 3 at these ages.

BCCSL was formed for the 2017-18 season. Previously there were four leagues covering boys and girls across the Lower Mainland in all the non-elite levels of play (Metro, Div 1, 2 and 3). Now all players in BCCSL play under the same set of rules and the same calendar.