VanU FC Coaching Selection Policy

The following is the Vancouver United Football Club Coaching Selection Policy. Please make sure to read all of the information below.

Coach Application

  • Coaches intending to coach with the club must make annual application by the date provided each year. Applications are to be submitted online using the electronic form provided via the website and/or age group coordinator.
  • When deciding which team/level (Metro, Division 1, Division 2, Division 3) to coach, try to consider which level your son/daughter is most suited for playing (see section 1.b. of the Evaluations Policies for guidance on playing levels).

Coach Appointments

  • All coaching positions will be filled as early as possible. Prospective coaches of Metro, Div 1 and Div 2 teams will be identified before evaluations and confirmed during the Phase 3 Evaluations when it becomes apparent which level their child, if applicable, is most likely to end up playing.
  • Where there is competition for coaching positions for Div 1 and 2 teams, the Club will place coaches as per the process outlined herein.
  • All coaching appointments are subject to confirmation by the Technical Director (TD) during evaluations. As such, adjustments can be made during evaluations if application is made for the incorrect level. For example, if you applied and are scheduled to coach a Div 2 team and the evaluations reveal that your son/daughter is more suited for the Div 1 level, they will be offered a spot on the Div 1 team and another coach will be appointed to the Div 2 team – this assumes that coaches only intend to Coach a team with their child on it.
Coach Selection Committee
  • Where there are multiple applicants for the same coaching positions/teams, final decision between applicants lies with the TD.