VanU, having achieved the Canadian Soccer Association’s National Youth Club License, has now been approved by BC Soccer to participate in the BC Soccer Premier League (BCSPL). New BCSPL franchises enter teams at the youngest age group, known as the ‘U13 Intakes’. For the 2020 season this will be 2008 born boys and girls. Here is the program we have put together for this group**.

NEW!!! 2021 - 2022 Season Registration

For any players born 2008 and 2009 who would like to express their interest in joining the Vancouver United FC BCSPL program please complete the form below:

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Evaluations (in accordance with BCSPL Evaluation and Selection FAQ timelines)

2020 Evaluation Schedule Scroll to U13 Boys and Girls to view relevant BCSPL dates.

If you already have a Stack account, just log in and select Evaluations Registration. If you do not yet have a Stack account you will need to se up your profile before you can register.

The BCSPL FAQ for Evaluations for 2008 born players is here.


  • Registration fee will be $2700. This will include professional coaches for all training sessions and games, uniforms, training kit (including a tracksuit and bag), all travel costs. There will be no additional fees for this program. Payment will be due in two instalments due as follows:
    • $1400 upon accepting a spot on the team
    • $1300 on or before June 30th


  • Gradual progression incorporating soccer-specific movement skills, injury prevention warm ups/activities, progressing through aerobic and anaerobic work to game-related activities at game speed
  • Fitness testing after first week (mid March) so body is acclimated to physical demands
  • Second round of fitness testing in late August/early Sept


  • Game uniforms: Sublimated adidas (template) and version of Academy top in blue, with adidas shorts and custom VanU socks (pic) plus tracksuit
  • Training kit: adidas shirt, shorts, socks, rain jacket

Training locations: half field for all sessions

  • UBC Warren on Mondays with Metro teams on the other half of field
  • Memorial South on Wednesdays
  • Pt Grey Secondary Turf on Thursdays

Quantity of games and training sessions

  • We are planning on at least 80 training sessions and 27 games for the Intake season. This will be between March 31 and mid-November with a 6-8 week break in the summer

Filming of games

  • Games will be professionally filmed and we will work with other clubs who want to share video
  • Metrics will flow from the BCSPL determined game model and covered in video analysis sessions with the teams and with individual players as needed

Promotion of players

  • VanU will use the promotion of its players to higher levels of play (National teams, Provincial High Performance Program, Whitecaps Academy) as a metric of the success of our BCSPL program
  • We will begin to build a network that will eventually help our graduating BCSPL players be known and recruited by coaches to university and college post-secondary teams.

Game locations

  • UBC Woods (has power at field level, washrooms, changing rooms, stands on both sides, storage for eqmt, defibrillator)

Game Day Operations

VanU Staff will handle:

  • Field set up, including banners, flags, PA system, table/chair/tents
  • Announcer for lineups, national anthem


Timeline for 2020 season

VanU BCSPL teams will be professionally coached. Each team will have a VanU staff coach assigned to them for all games and training sessions.

  • 2008 Boys (U13 Intake): Maurice Hayes
    • UEFA B (Irish FA)
    • VanU Staff coach for three years
    • Current Technical Lead for VanU Metro Program
  • 2008 Girls (U13 Intake): Miro Panik
    • Provincial B
    • VanU staff coach for six years with focus on U11 and U12 Girls Div 1 VanU Plus program
    • U9-12 Technical Lead for past two seasons

Both Maurice and Miro will take the new CSA Youth License in 2020.

**Minor details subject to change

Timeline for 2020 season

Feb 5-Mar 8

Evaluations for VanU BCSPL Intake teams as per league policy

March 8

Roster declaration as per deadlines set by BCSPL

March 14-30

School Spring Break

March - June

Training begins (three times per week) and informal Intake schedule

Late June - late Aug

No programming

August 24 - Sept 3

Pre-season training incorporating fitness testing, defensive and attacking shape based on principles of game model and recognition of relevant moments in the game; gradual increase in physical load

Sept 5-6

Intake Festival

Sept to early Nov

Mini season; training three times per week with sessions dedicated to mental skills, free play, socializing as a team (fun), video analysis, nutrition woven in plus a full slate of games. Team will train on a half field every session.


Player  meetings to plan for next season

Late Nov and December

No programming


New season starts