Organization & Rules

  • 12 yard (area marked), within which designated goalkeeper may handle the ball; centre marked with centre dot
  • 6 players on the field for U9 & U10 (5 plus the goalkeeper)
  • When the ball goes out of play, the game is restarted by:
    • Sideline: Throw-ins
    • End line: Goal kicks or corner kicks depending on who kicked it out
    • After a goal, restart with a centre kick; defending team to start 10 yards away
    • Defending team must stand 10 yards away from the ball for all kickoffs, goal kicks and free kicks
  • There are no offsides called at U9 & U10
  • Under 9/10 Small Sided Games Rules
U9 Boys 6 aside (5 + GK)
U10 Boys 6 aside (5 + GK)
U9 Girls 6 aside (5 + GK)
U10 Girls 6 aside (5 + GK)

Time / Length

  • Length of Games/Substitution Guidelines
  • Games scheduled to start on the hour - please arrive 20-30 minutes early to organize team and warm-up.
  • All games will en on the hour at the latest, no exceptions
  • 25-minute halves with 5-minute half-time, unless game starts late
  • If a game starts late, that game will play a shorter second half as all games will end on the hour at the latest, no exceptions


  • For U9 & U10, young refs with limited experience are used
  • Please respect that these young refs are in training and will make mistakes. Fair play and sportsmanship should be displayed by coaches, parents, and players at all times. If a foul occurs, offending team must be 10 yards from the ball during the free kick.
  • At U9/U10, the pass-back rule is in effect. Goalkeepers may not handle the ball passed back to them by a teammate while in their goal area.