Vancouver Youth Soccer Association 8 a-side League (U11-U12)

Over the past few years, the worldwide training of youth soccer players has changed from getting players into an 11 a-side format as quickly as possible to a more gradual progression through the use of small sided games. In house league, for example, many clubs often begin training their players with a 3 a-side game format at U6 or U7 progressing through to 6 or 7 a side by U10.

The reasons for this are varied, but among the most important is that, in smaller sided games, players are provided with more opportunities to have “touches” on the ball. By increasing the amount of ball time per player, you improve the quality of training for your players. With this in mind, BCSA has mandated that all U11 and U12 teams play in 8-aside leagues.

Coaches, managers, parents and participants are reminded that 8-aside is NON-COMPETITIVE. Teams are not playing for league titles or cups. The emphasis is on the fun and enjoyment of soccer and the full participation of all team members in every game.

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