Free program for U11 to U13 Div 2 and 3 teams

The popular Friday Plus program enters its fourth season in 2019-20. This free program for U11 to U13 Div 2 and 3 teams sees teams that opt in work with a VanU staff coach at all of their training sessions.

Sessions plans are published ahead of time and staff coaches lead the teams through the session collectively by demonstrating the activities and then circulating amongst the teams to suggest coaching points, progressions, adjustments to the space and numbers of players as needed.

The only thing teams need to do is be available to train on Fridays at UBC. It’s our way of delivering more support for Div 2 and 3 teams, especially those entering new game format (8v8 at U11 and 11v11 at U13) without asking players to come out an extra night per week and without adding any cost to their season.

To participate in this program, coaches should consult with the families on their team and ensure players can train on Fridays. If so, just email club TD Gus Karvelis at gus/at/ with Friday Plus as the subject line before June 30th. He will then add your team to the list of participants and you will be added to the practice schedule as a Friday Plus participant.

Please note that Div 2 and 3 teams have one training session on turf included in their fees. Div 1 players are charged extra at the time of registration to cover the cost of the two turf training sessions that are expected of Div 1 teams. If a team wants to train in a second time in addition to Friday Plus they would have to pay the same fee that all other Div 2 and 3 teams play to get a second turf training time.