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VanU is pleased to offer week long camps during the school spring break holiday.

Week 1 (5 days)
Age Group
March 18-22U6-U10 (2018-2014 born)9:00am-12:00pmEric Hamber Turf$199
March 18-22U11-U14 (2013-2010 born)12:30pm-3:30pmEric Hamber Turf$199
March 18-22U6-U10 (2018-2014 born)9:00am-12:00pmMemorial South Turf$199
March 18-22U11-U14 (2013-2010 born)12:30pm-3:30pmMemorial South Turf$199
March 18-22U15 (2009 born)12:30pm-3:30pmMemorial South Turf$199
March 18-22Goalkeeper Camp for 2012-2014 born9:00am-10:30amJericho Turf$166
March 18-22Goalkeeper Camp for 2009-2011 born10:30am-12:00pmJericho Turf$166

Week 2 (4 days)
Age Group
March 25-28U6-U10 (2018-2014 born)
Eric Hamber Turf$160
March 25-28U11-U14 (2013-2010 born)12:30pm-3:30pmEric Hamber Turf
March 25-28U6-U10 (2018-2014 born)9:00am-12:00pmMemorial South Turf$160
March 25-28U11-U14 (2013-2010 born)12:30pm-3:30pmMemorial South Turf$160
March 25-28U15 (2009 born)12:30pm-3:30pmMemorial South Turf$160
March 25-28
U6-U10 (2018-2014 born)9:00am-12:00pmJericho Turf$160
March 25-28U11-U14 (2013-2010 born)12:30pm-3:30pmJericho Turf$160

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Players are placed into groups based on age and ability to ensure they are challenged appropriately, maximizing their development and most importantly, having fun! We cover these topics during the week:

  • Shooting and Finishing
  • Passing
  • Dribbling and Turning
  • Ball Control and Trapping
  • Game Situations, Small-Sided Games (If PHO allows)
  • Positional Play, Attacking and Defending
  • Mini World Cup or alternative safe soccer competition

Proper technique of all skills are demonstrated and encouraged, as well as the use of both feet. Camp players will participate in an environment where they will be coached by and playing with experienced, quality soccer players and coaches.

Please ensure each player wears weather appropriate clothing, shin guards and soccer shoes for each camp session. Bring snacks and plenty of water that players can have during their breaks. For any additional information regarding the camp please contact us

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