Equipment Access at Fields

Corner Flags and Nets

Corner flags and nets are stored in the lock box at each field used by VanU FC (artificial and grass fields). A key for the lock box is also stored in a combination lock box which is attached to the side of the lock box. The code for the lock box will be emailed to all team officials before the start of each season. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need the code.

Teams consistently failed to return corner flags to the lock boxes at all of our fields, and this resulted in substantial fines from the soccer district and additional equipment costs to replace lost/stolen corner flags.

The club has endeavoured to ensure nets are permanently up on goal posts whenever possible. However, each field has different equipment set up requirements. Please read the following instructions so that your team understands how to access equipment at each field we use for home games.

Point Grey Turf Field
Jericho Turf Field
University Hill Turf Field
UBC Warren Turf Field
UBC Ken Woods Turf Field
UBC Baseball Turf Field
Trillium Turf Field
Memorial West Grass Field
Carnarvon Grass Field
Locarno Grass Field
Memorial South Turf Field

***Please make sure your team returns the key to the key lock box and the corner flags to the equipment lock box***