Queen Elizabeth School details:

Field Status: Closed

   Field Address: 4102 W 16th Ave, Vancouver, V6R 3E3
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Lights: No
Parking: Free street parking readily available
Restrooms: No
Changerooms: No
Covered Bench: No
Nearest Coffee Shop: Tim Horton's on Dunbar at W.18th

Queen Elizabeth School Map:

Queen Elizabeth School Gallery:

Field Information / Accessing Nets and Corner Flags

The first team on and last team off the field must turn the lights on and off, respectively. The small light box is affixed to the east side of the larger stand alone electrical box at the end of the walkway off Camosun Street. It is light greenish in colour on the north-east side of the portables, bordering the gravel and the paved play area. Please be very careful to press the green switch very firmly to turn the light on. Only press once - the lights will take some time to warm up. Pressing the button twice in less than 5 minutes will turn the lights off and you will have to wait 5 minutes before starting over again. You will need a key to open this box which can be obtained from the VUFC office.

Queen Elizabeth Elementary School (2 fields) - 4 Farpost goals can be removed from wooden lock box next to the portable building in between Camosun Park and Queen Elizabeth Elementary School field. Please set up goals if you are the first team to play. If you are the last to play on the day please take down goals, put all contents back in their individual bag and return to the wooden lock box.

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