Trafalgar details:

Not in Use

   Field Address: 2610 W 23rd Ave, Vancouver, V6L 1N7
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Lights: No
Parking: Free street parking readily available
Restrooms: Yes
Changerooms: No
Covered Bench: No
Nearest Coffee Shop: Starbucks on Arbutus at Valley

Trafalgar Map:

Trafalgar Gallery:

Field Information / Accessing Nets and Corner Flags

Combination lock can be found on black lock box located just behind permanent U9/U10 goals. Use key found inside to open the lock box. 2 Farpost goals can be removed from the lock box and each of them placed opposite one of the permanent goals. Please set up Farpost goals if you are the first team to play on the day. If you are the last team to play on the day please take down goals, put all contents back in their individual bag and return to the black lock box. Please then put key back into combination lock and close combination lock.

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