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If you are playing a game in the VYSA District this weekend (Oct 5th-6th) you may be impacted. Please be aware of the following:

The District schedules fields for all the clubs with Vancouver Parks Board. This weekend, those permits were NOT requested in error, making the fields available to other user groups on a last minute basis. There is no way to tell if another user has been issued the permit until the time of your game.

This means, you could very well show up to a field and the VYSA will NOT have the permit. If no other user group shows up, your game will proceed. If another user shows up with a permit your game will have to be rescheduled.

I have heard directly from the person responsible and they are sick with the negative impact to families making the effort and not able to play as a result of the error.

To be clear, no club (i.e. VUFC) is to blame and all involved will work very hard to get the game rescheduled. We are aware re-tiering is coming and we’ll address that with teams involved.

Right now I am hearing Andy Livingstone and Trillium are most impacted.  While not ideal, the only thing we can do is show up and hope to play.

UBC fields and UHill are NOT effected, therefore all games on those fields are good to go for this weekend.

Lastly, I would ask this. Let's all be reasonable. No one is trying to ruin your game. Lets be a great soccer community, supporting those that help, make mistakes and fix them.

Mark Cylwa

VP VUFC Divisional Boys

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