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With some ongoing communication taking place between the governing body (BC Soccer) and the health authorities (Via Sport) we have some important updates for everyone to take note of and respect as we continue with our programing.

Spectators at games and training sessions

At this time all of our field owners have requested that spectators should not be at the field for this two week period (ending November 23rd) unless there is a valid medical reason to do so. We ask that families adhere to these policies as much as possible to ensure we can continue to use the facilities and ensure the health and safety to all those involved. For anyone who should need to be close for medical reasons, we ask that you maintain a distance in line with the Covid policies whilst at the facility.

For players in the younger age groups we understand that you may want to be at the field and if this is required we ask that you have one adult only per child and that you ensure the following:

- A Mask is worn at all times

- You maintain a distance in line with covid policies whilst at the field.

- You watch from a distance (a good suggestion would be to walk around the facility and watch).

If a Coach/Manager requires assistance in setting up the field for a game, please help but : Sanitize your hands, wear a mask, keep a distance and then leave the facility as soon as the field is set up. 

Reminders on Covid Policies:

This is a also a good time to remind people of the covid policies that are in place, these can be found on our website ( Please take the time to re-read these and re-familiarise yourself with the document so that we ensure a safe and healthy environment for all our volunteers and players. 

Key points for everyone:

- DO NOT come to training or games if you are unwell. Families should complete the pre-screening check before attending any activity (

- Inform VanU’s Risk Management Officer ( immediately if you feel any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.

- All participation waivers should have been returned to your Team Managers (if this has not been done, please ensure this is completed)

Schedules & Cohort Changes:

Over the next few weeks as the PHO changes we expect there to be changes to the Cohorts and schedules through to the Christmas break, we will update all team officials with any changes as soon as we have this information. We appreciate your patience and support as we enter this new phase.

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