We are still trying to work with the Parks Board to get field permits that will allow us to run our First Kicks program at David Lam park and MacLean park but at this point we are not able to return to these fields this fall. As this program was really well-received in these neighbourhoods it's a big disappointment that we can't build on what we were able to do last year. Stay tuned though as we are still working towards being able to offer this highly-regarded program in other neighbourhoods.

What is First Kicks ?

First Kicks is our grassroots program for kids in U4-U8. In this program, kids can experience playing soccer for the first time in a fun and interactive environment. First Kicks focuses on physical literacy and soccer development skills by having kids play a variety of games with and without the ball. At U4 and U5, this is a parent participation program that is also heavily supported by staff coaches at all sessions. At U6 to U8, we ask for two or three volunteer parent coaches to work with the players in groups alongside VanU staff coaches while other parents remain on site to watch.

Why First Kicks?

VanU’s philosophy for our First Kicks program is to develop passion for the game. First Kicks focuses on teaching kids to have a passion for sport and exercise while having fun and making new friendships. By playing soccer, kids can learn about working as a group, commitment, and having a healthy and active lifestyle. Our First Kicks program gives kids the opportunity to experience a team environment for the first time and build social skills by meeting new players. First Kicks also can create new friendships for parents and gives parents the opportunity to spend time with their children in a fun environment.

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