Thank you for signing up to be a Team Manager this season. Below is the detail that will be of use to you as we go through the season.

Team Managers Responsibilities

Communicating messages and schedules from the Coaches and Staff

Uploading photos for ID cards (Not required until October 1)

Ensuring players and team officials are on the rosters online

Ensuring rosters are printed for game day (Home games only)

Contacting the opponents confirming game times by Wednesday each week.

Uploading schedules and practices on Power up

Signing up teams for photo day

Picking up Uniforms and distributing them to the team

At the season start

Welcome your team by sending a message in the Power up application. 

Once your practices are confirmed upload them into the Power up application. Our preference is to use Power Up for communications and messaging, though we know some prefer other applications and tools.

Pick up uniforms at the dedicated time slots and dates - or send a parent to pick up on your behalf. Once received distribute them to the team as per the instructions given at pick up.

Uniform Information:

Players receive one jersey , shorts and socks each year. The Jersey is either blue or white depending on what was distributed for the previous year. Players who are new to the Club will receive both. If a player has lost their jersey from their last season or the player has outgrown it (for 2023 season it is the white) then the family need to purchase a replacement jersey. The cost of this is $50 and the family should email with the players name, team, current jersey number and the size required.

Players kits are distributed based on the registration requests, as a non profit organisation we do not hold bulk product as spare and kit can take 8 - 12 weeks to be delivered to us. This means if a parent ordered incorrectly we may not be able to provide a replacement for 8 - 12 weeks.

Coach Equipment:

Coach equipment should generally be picked up by the Coaching team. Their kit will include Cones, Balls, Pinnies, Ice Packs and First Aid Kit. If there is no dedicated Goalkeeper we give a jersey for them. We do not provide GK gloves. Should you run out of items, loose items please contact Maurice Hayes ( who will replace any items required.

Weekly Activities for the Manager


Our schedules are provided to us by the District and BC Coastal Soccer League. The can be found in the following location:



The district does not have a finalised schedule until Monday, this is when the Admin team for the Club will send out the home game schedule.

Once the email with the home team schedule is sent by the Administration team the following should take place:

1 - Update your power up with your schedule and confirm with the team what time they should be at their game on the weekend, including what colour jersey they should wear (generally we advise to wear one colour and bring the other incase there are issues).

2 - If you are the home team , please contact your opponent as soon as possible and confirm the following:

Confirm the game time

Confirm the location

Confirm what jersey the team will be wearing

If your game is not on the spreadsheet sent out, it means you are the away team and you should check the district portal for where the game is and who you are playing.

Tuesday - No activities unless the above has not been completed


If you are the away team and you have not heard from your opposition, please contact them asking them to confirm your game.

If you are the home team and you have had no response, please try chasing for a confirmation and copy on your email.

Your team should have let you know by now if you have enough players for your game at the weekend.  If your team is low in numbers you can use the fluid roster process to call up players. Please contact other coaches within your age group to see if they have players who can help. A list of team official information can be found here

If you are struggling and need support please email us at

Thursday and Friday

This is a time where you should be ensuring your rosters are accurate and ready for the weekend.

Log on and check your rosters in the district portal, if anyone is missing email with the team name, age group and players or team officials who are missing.

If your roster is accurate and you are the home team, please print out two copies, these should be given to the referee for the game. If you are the away team you do not need to print your roster but do need to ensure it is accurate. Please if possible can you ensure your players jersey numbers are updated in the system (you only need to do this once)

If you are bringing in players from other teams within your age group, make sure they are added to your roster using the Fluid Roster Process

If you are the home team and have a game at 9am or before, please email your families to ask if they can help with setting up the field (usually setting up corner flags, may need to move goals) this will allow your Coaches to warm the team up.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Game Days)

Some games do occur on Friday (for the older teams). 

On the day of the game, if you are the home team you are required to set up the field with corner flags, use cones for retreat lines if your age group has them, make sure goals are in the correct place. 

Once the referee has arrived and if you are the home team you should give the roster sheets and ID cards to the referee , cards will be given back to you and roster sheets will be kept. ID card information will be sent out this week and are not required until October 1st.

If you are the away team you only need to provide ID cards (After October 1).

After your game if you are the home team,  you should log on and report your scores in the district portal. If you are unable to do this please send an email to 

If you dont have a referee can you please report it to

Documents and Quick Reference Guides

Field Equipment Locations (Home team only)

Power up team officials guide

Fluid Roster Guide

District Portal Guide (QScriptor) Rosters, etc

QScriptor Codes (U11, U12 Div 1 and 2 and all U13 - U18 Teams

QScriptor Codes (U11-U12 Div 3)