First Kicks for 2021-2022

Please read below to learn more about registration for U4-U5 Fall sessions, as well as U6-U8 Fall/Winter sessions. Make sure to select the correct tab to view the appropriate season of First Kicks. For U6-U8 players, the Fall / Winter seasons are combined due to the length of the program.

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Parents who register to coach can register their children early for the First Kicks – ensuring they are able to join the same team, with their preferred schedule. This window is only available for coaches and their children. Everyone else must wait until Friday, May 8th at noon, to register. 

Coaches receive a $25 credit per season (Fall, Winter, Spring) that they coach in First Kicks. The credit can be used towards the following year’s registration fee. 

We need 2-3 coaches per team, so please consider volunteering!

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We will be monitoring players who register during the coaches’ window (before May 8th at noon). If you register during the coaches window and you do not have a family member registered to coach, we will REMOVE you from the system and charge you the $25 admin fee. This window is meant to ensure coaches (and their kids) are able to be on the same team, and pick the time slot that best works for them. Please do not try to cheat the system, and respect that this window is to ensure all our teams have coaches.

Vancouver United FC is excited to offer its Fall / Winter First Kicks programs to all U4 to U8 players. These programs are designed to develop fundamental movement and soccer skills, particularly ball manipulation and game play. VanU’s First Kicks philosophy is to host a fun environment to improve physical literacy and develop passion for the game of soccer. 

 Registration for the Fall / Winter 2021 First Kicks program will be on a first come, first served basis and this will allow all parents to have equal opportunity to sign up for the time/day that they prefer.

For U6-U8 players, you will be signing up for a specific weekday and time, as well as a specific Saturday time. Each specific group will have a limited number of spots. When the spots have been filled, the registration will automatically close and that group will be considered full. If we must change your group’s time slot, we will do our best to add players to a group with a similar time. 


If you have any questions please contact Loretta, at  

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Please reference the "Fall" tab, as the U6-U8 Fall season details includes both Fall and Winter. 


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Spring First Kicks 2022

This program is designed with one goal in mind...FUN! Participants will take part in a variety of activities that will help with their physical literacy, introduce them to the technical aspect of the game and will see them take part in game play.

This program’s curriculum has been influenced by the Canadian Soccer Assosiation’s new Children's license. A nonlinear pedagogical approach will be adhered to and the main developmental goals for these age groups are physical literacy, having fun with friends and the ball, enjoying unstructured play, and most importantly we want them leaving the field each day with a strong sense of belonging.

“We need to encourage the development of play, where the child can explore, be creative, learn about risk and go through the process themselves.” - Nick Levett Head of UK Coaching

Our spring programming will be published in the New Year!