VanU’s U9-10 First Kicks program builds on the U6-8 version by putting the players on more formal teams and playing in an actual league against other VanU team. We want this to be a fun, exciting environment that continues to build a love of the game while placing a strong emphasis on teamwork and social interactions related to being on a team. Our First Kicks program gives kids the opportunity to experience a team environment for the first time and build social skills by meeting new players.


From U9-U10, kids continue in our First Kicks program to learn the game of soccer and further develop game literacy in a positive and fun environment. This builds on the emphasis on physical and ball literacy in the early years of First Kicks. The U9-U10 First Kicks program focuses on player development and skills in a game setting. Teams will carry 16-18 players that will be subdivided into two groups to play 6 a side games side by side on weekends. The boys will play on Saturday and the girls on Sundays. The program also includes one training session, with support from VanU staff coaches, a week that teaches basic principles of play and establishes training ethic and discipline.


Fall / Winter U9-U10 Cost: $395

What's included?

  • Independent teams
  • Six month long season (September to March)
  • Two sessions per week: One practice during the week and one game on the weekends (Saturday for boys and Sunday for girls)
  • Support from VanU staff coaches
  • Referees
  • Full kit: jersey, shorts, and socks