First Kicks (U4 to U10)

For the 2019-20 season, the registration fee for every U4 to U10 player includes a full uniform (shirt, shorts, socks) as well as a boot bag; all made by Macron. We are pleased to partner with Macron on our First Kicks uniforms. They are suppliers of uniforms to all Canadian Premier League (CPL) clubs.

Should players need a replacement for all or part of their uniform, they can contact the VanU office to arrange purchase. The shirts are $20, shorts are $15 and socks are $10.

Divisional (U11 to U18)

All divisional players receive a VanU home green jersey and a white away jersey. If players already have a pair of navy blue adidas shorts from the club that fit they do not need to buy a new pair of shorts. If they do need shorts, they can be purchased from the VanU office, during specified hours, for $20. For 2019-20 we are having custom socks made for all U11 to U18 players. All players must wear these socks for games. They will cost $9.

Please note that teams must wear approved club uniforms with no substitutes. This is both a league and club rule.

Please also note that any U11 to U18 teams that want to purchase tracksuits, rain jackets, stadium jackets or any other accessory must follow these rules:

  • Must either be made by adidas or be entirely generic (no other logos)
  • Must be in club colours or black
  • Official club logo must be incorporated; if not on the chest the design must be approved
  • No sponsor logos unless expressly approved by the Executive Director