First Kicks (U4 to U10)

Uniforms are included in the annual registration fee. Players keep these uniforms at the end of the season. U4 to U8 players will receive a VanU jersey, shorts and socks. We are pleased to partner with Macron on our First Kicks uniforms. They are suppliers of uniforms to all Canadian Premier League (CPL) clubs.

Players are expected to wear this at all First Kicks sessions they attend. In cold or wet weather, players are encouraged to dress for the weather and are welcome to wear jackets over top of the jersey and track pants over the shorts if they want to.

U9 and U10 players receive the same uniform as the U4 to U8 First Kicks players plus an additional jersey in a different colour as they play league games against other VanU teams and need to have an alternate jersey. Again, players are expected to wear their VanU uniforms at games as much as possible.

Should players need a replacement for all or part of their uniform, they can contact the VanU office to arrange purchase. The shirts are $20, shorts are $15 and socks are $10.

Divisional (U11 to U18)

Players receive VanU home (green) and away (white) jerseys included in the annual registration fee. These are for use during the season and are to be returned at the end of the season. Each jersey that is not returned is subject to a $50 charge. U10 players entering U11 are given a pair of navy blue adidas shorts and a pair of game socks at no cost. Aside from this, all players are responsible for having a pair of VanU blue adidas game shorts and wearing them at games. These ar available for purchase either when they register for the upcoming season or during established club store hours. They are not available online. The cost of the shorts is $25. For the 2019-20 season, players are also responsible for purchasing the custom VanU game socks we have had made. Purchases of the new socks should ideally be made as a team with team collecting the money and designating one person to purchase the socks at a kit handout time or during established purchase times at the VanU office. Those who have purchased new socks when they registered will receive a pair of the new custom socks and a pair of the socks we used last season as the they were charged $15 and the cost of the custom game socks is $8 plus tax. 

U18 teams have the option, at their own cost, to design and make ‘graduation jerseys’. The design of these needs to be approved by the Executive Director and must conform to league and District uniform requirements and use colours from the established VanU colour palette.

VanU teams have the option, at their own cost, to purchase white shorts  and/or the white version of the custom VanU sock (limited quantities available) to wear with their white away jerseys. The white shorts must be either adidas or generic with no manufacturer logo showing.

League rules call for clubs to wear the colours they declare they will wear when teams are affiliated with the league. All U11 to U18 VanU teams must conform to the club’s uniform policy for all league, cup and tournament games. Teams that do not conform to this policy face club and/or league sanction. 


Supplementary kit:

Teams are allowed to purchase tracksuits, bags, training gear and other soccer-related clothing and accessories. The cost of these is to be borne entirely by the teams themselves and the following rules are applicable to these purchases.


  • Must be navy blue or black. 
  • The official VUFC logo must be on the chest of the jacket
  • Third party sponsor logo must be approved by the club and can only be placed on the back of the jacket at the top or on the arm
  • Player last names and numbers are allowed

Team bags

  • Must be within the club colour palette
  • If a sponsor logo is going to be on the bag, the official VUFC logo must also be on the bag and must be at least 3” tall
  • If there is no sponsor logo, teams are encouraged to have the VUFC logo but it is not mandatory

Training gear

  • Must be in the club colour palette
  • If a sponsor logo is going to be on the training gear, the official VUFC logo must also be on it and must be at least 3” tall (shirts, rain jackets or shorts)

Any other team kit beyond the above must be approved by the Executive Director