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Click below for information on how to volunteer at the club and for information on Evaluations including how players new to the club can get placed on teams.

Evaluations 2024 VANU FC Evaluation Phase

Register Now for Evaluations

VanU FC is committed to ongoing in-season evaluations. Rather than base team formation strictly on end of season "tryouts", we strive, particularly for U11 to U14 teams, to evaluate players throughout the season in four phases.

Phase 1 consists of VanU FC staff coach feedback in the form of written reports and conversations with the Technical Director.

Phase 2 consists of team coaches filling out end of season Player Assessment Forms for their players.

Phase 3 consists of on-field, post-season sessions where the players are evaluated by independent evaluators (VanU FC staff coaches). All players who want to play at any level of Div 1 or Div 2 (these are the Division names for the leagues of our U11-U18 Boys and Girls play in) must register for Phase 3.

Phase 4 allows for the coaches who have been picked to run the team the next season to have a say in team selection based on their knowledge of the players and/or notes they have taken at Phase 3. This is the last part of the process and occurs at Team Formation Meetings once Phase 3 is completed.

Every year several players are unable to attend some or all of the Phase 3 sessions due to being out of town, illness or injury. If this applies to you, here's what to do:

  1. Register for the Phase 3 sessions anyways. Registering for Phase 3 is how players tell us they want to be considered for one of the teams we are evaluating for and it puts you on our communications lists for information related to the Evaluations, including changes to session dates, times and fields. It also ensures your name is on the list of players we take to Team Formation Meetings to form teams. Emails related to Evaluations are only sent to those who register as they are sent using the registration database. The only players who should not register for Phase 3 are those who have decided to play at Div 3 level (formerly Bronze). Division 3 players can register now through our database (
  2. Email the Technical Director to let him know your situation. You only need to email if you are unable to attend Phase 3 but would like to be considered for Metro, Div 1 or 2 (boys and girls).
    Because we have four phases for evaluating players, missing Phase 3 is not the end of the world. While it is of course better to be available for this phase we are still able to use other information we have to place players on teams.

For players who would like to play Division 3 (recreational) soccer, there is no need to attend an evaluation. You are able to register within your age group for the season. Click here for more information.

Evaluation Info Meetings for Parents

Here are the dates for our parent, coach and AGC Evaluation Info Meetings for the 2024 Evaluations. Please see below:
Date:Meeting topic / age group
Registration Link

U10-U17 Age Group Coordinators, Managers & Coaches

Parents of 2014 born players (entering U11 from U10)

2012 born Division 1 & Pre-BCSPL information meeting

Parents of 2007 - 2013 born players (U12 - U18)

VENUE: All meetings will be held via a zoom meeting. To register for the event, please click on the relevant link next to the event.

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VanU FC Metro program.

BCCSL (BC Coastal Soccer League) has reduced the number of divisions it will run from four to three. The Metro division has essentially been merged with Division 1 for incoming U13 teams (2010 born) and U14 teams (2009 born). Existing Metro divisions at U15 to U18 (2006 - 2008 born players) will continue unchanged unless they do not have enough teams to be viable. In that event, Metro divisions will be collapsed into Div 1.

Program Fees: $720

Evaluation Information Link

  • Program runs: September 2022 to completion of Cup and League play in 2022.
  • Team kit is included in the registration fees.
  • Fall/Winter training: Training two times per week.
  • Teams may opt in for additional academy training at extra cost.

U11 AND U12 DIV 1 BOYS AND GIRLS (Van U+ Program)

Program Fees: $1550

  • Program runs: April to March every year.
  • Spring training component: Training once per week for 8-10 weeks collectively with a staff coach; any additional training is optional, including VanU FC Spring Academy, to respect the benefits and desire of playing other sports at this age.
  • Boys teams will train on Tuesdays and girls teams will train on Thursdays in the spring.
  • Spring game component: Optional participation in Cascadia Spring League if it goes ahead. Other games and tournaments are optional.
  • Fall/Winter training: Training three times per week. Training at Van U Academy once per week, training at Van U/ Whitecaps Academy* once per week and one training session with a parent team coach; Academy in the Fall and Winter with training Kit is included in registration fee and attendance is mandatory. Game support from staff coaches at two games early in the season. Note that Academy is on Mondays and the VanU Plus boys teams train with the Whitecaps on Tuesdays and the girls on Thursdays.
  • Additional tournaments are to be decided by the team themselves. Teams will need to cover the costs for any tournaments.
  • A user pay pre-season training camp the last week of August will be offered but will be optional.
  • Both the seasonal and academy kits are included in the fees.

Please note that VanU FC makes the best effort possible to make up sessions lost to field closures in the event of inclement weather but will not issue partial or whole refunds due to training sessions or games that could not be re-scheduled. The exception to this is that all players registered in Academy will receive pro-rated credits for Academy sessions lost to field closures. These credits can be used for future Academy sessions. Program details are subject to change.

Important information about VanU fields, field equipment and team equipment

Please click on the links below for information about VanU fields (field info, directions, etc), team & coach equipment info, and information regarding accessing nets and corner flags per field.

Coach Resources: Practice & Session Plans for VanU Coaches

VanU supports CSA and BC Soccer efforts to implement Long Term Player Development (LTPD) principles. Here are some great resources for coaches:

Goalkeeping Resources

Simon Smith Goalkeeping clinic videos BCSA hosted two sessions with English FA national team goalkeeper coach Simon Smith in 2013. They were excellent. Until you work with an accomplished goalkeeper coach you are really unaware of the detail that goes into proper form when shot stopping, setting yourself to make a save and handling crosses. BCSA and Simon were kind enough to allow us to post the short videos former Technical Director Gregor Young took while there. While you won't get all the coaching points that Simon was making while the players were working you will get some very practical goalkeeper drills and be able to see good form from the young keepers. You can get all the video clips here.

FIFA 11+

The club believes strongly that the FIFA 11+ warm-up is an excellent way to prevent player injuries and should be used by all U11 to U18 teams at the beginning of all training sessions and games. Here are some links to FIFA 11+ resources

FIFA 11+ Cards(5.9mb)
FIFA 11+ Manual(4.4mb)
FIFA 11+ Poster Generic(3.1mb)

League Resources:

U11 / U12 Retreat Line(145kb)

VUFC House League Coach Manual for U9-10 coaches:

VANUFC House League (U9-U10) Coaches Manual(427kb)

LTPD Goalkeeper Training manuals

On the heels of the creation of the Stage 3 Club Development Manual, the Soccer Development Department of BC Soccer is happy to release positional specific Goalkeeping Club Development Manuals for Stages 1-3 and 4-7 of the Canadian Soccer Associations Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development.

These Goalkeeping Club Development Manuals has been created to provide member clubs within British Columbia a roadmap to responsible and beneficial age appropriate and positional specific development programming for all stages of LTPD.

BC Soccer Club Goalkeeper Long Term Player Development Stages 1-3(1.9mb)
BC Soccer Club Goalkeeper Long Term Player Development Stages 4-7(2.6mb)

The following are key components and guidelines to the implementation of these responsible and effective development practices within these stages of development.

  1. Technical Leadership
  2. Program Creation and Execution
  3. Role of the Goalkeeper Coach
  4. Goalkeeper Curriculum

These manuals can be forwarded to both your Goalkeeper development staff and team coaches within your clubs to assist with the development of your clubs goalkeeping program and goalkeepers overall.

VanU runs on the strength of its volunteers

Almost a thousand people step forward each season to ensure players have a great experience. When you register to play on a team, one of the questions you are asked is if you would like to volunteer and what are you would like to volunteer in. We have many opportunities at the team level (coach, assistant coach, team manager) as well as being age group coordinators for each division. Lots of other opportunities exist as well. To get more info just email info/at/ with “Volunteering” in the subject line.

Looking for something? Lost something?

Have you lost something at one our fields, during a game or training session? Or perhaps you have found something that someone has left behind at a game or training session? Below is a list of lost & found articles. If you have lost or found something, please sign up and add your details. Please note, Lost and Found sign up is different than your Stack Sports login.

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